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Workcamps in Mexico

International Vive Mexico Workcamps

Participate in an international project Vive Mexico is going to change you, it´s going to change the way they you see to other cultures and maybe even change the way you live your life while at the same time you help to improve the lives of others.

The aim of Vive Mexico is changing the way in international projects are organized, we organize projects safely, making them exciting and an adventure that changes and improves lives.
Our philosophy based on local support and international cooperation ensures that our projects bring real and tangible aid to the places in which we work, while we experience unforgettable and enriching life experiences to all those involved in our projects.

Participants of our short-term projects range in age from 17 to 90 years. In each project usually are involved 15-20 people from 10 to 12 different countries, who gather together on a particular date, in a community in Mexico, each group has group leaders and trained local coordinators.

Participants stay in a school, a church, a private home, a community center, a youth hostel, etc.. The activities carried out are interesting and diverse, from restoring school buildings, realizing archeological activities reconstruction, reforestation of natural areas, protection of the environmen t, preservation of sea turtles, activities with children, restoration and preservation of historical monuments, organizing social and cultural events, etc..
During the project, the group of participants is like a family interacting with ocal people to participate together with them and be actively involved in solving the problems facing their communities or regions.

Because of this our projects are a unique experience because we promote the international co-operation as an educative tool and at the same time the contact with different cultures and ways of thinking.
On the other hand, participants discover the real Mexico, customs and traditions and visit places that the average tourist

Volunteer from Poland
All meetings with really nice and friendly local people. For me work with turtles was amazing. I will remember that work for next many, many years.
Wojtek Kolodziej.
Volunteer from Canada
I went to Mexico to volunteer and made a lot of great friends around the world. I discovered that i love kids and the friends i've made, it will stay in my heart forever
Julien Dallaire


  • Being 18 years old or older.
  • Speaking basic English.
  • Being open minded and flexible about.
  • beneficios-vm


  • Discovering the real life in Mexico.
  • Meeting people of different countries.
  • Travelling with a purpose.
  • Understanding yourself and improve your relations with others.
  • Creating, improving and experience a spirit of international solidarity.
  • Having fun and do something useful.
  • Making unforgettable relationships.

    Application Process Workcamps in Mexico

    You can apply to our Workcamps in different ways:

    1.- If you are NOT MEXICAN and you are LOCATED OUTSIDE MEXICO then you must apply through one of our partner organizations please choose your country and fill the next form and we will send you a list of organizations all over the world you can make your application
    2.- If you are NOT MEXICAN and you are INSIDE MEXICO then you can apply using this electronic form please click here to go to the application page

    3.- If you are MEXICAN then you can apply using this electronic form please click here to go to the application page.