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VIVE18.03 Intercultural Project Full

About the project

The objective of this project is to help the local communities with recreational and restorative activities. The project is organized by the government institution Educafin. The project aims to bring the young people from different countries together with the people of Guanajuato and create an intercultural atmosphere through collective work.

Project activities

Volunteers will be working primarily restorative activities at a school.  Some of the activities will be painting the walls, repairing benches and organizing green areas. In addition the volunteers will be participating intercultural activities with young people from Leon. There will also be a visit to the children´s hospital.


Lodging Type:

The volunteers will be hosted in a hotel.


Population: Inhabitants

Closest Bus Station:

CLOSEST STATION: Leon, Guanajuato, Bus Station

Closest Airport:


OTHER POSSIBLE AIRPORTS: Mexico City International Airport

Leisure Activities

The city of Leon is quite close to the state capital of Guanajuato which has the same name. Travelling there is like stepping back in time; the city is remarkable and offers visitors an authentic colonial experience amidst one of the most picturesque colonial backdrops to be found anywhere in Mexico. Guanajuato is clean, tidy, and very safe. Its cobbled streets twist and turn, so just walking around is an adventure. The city’s maze-like layout often creates opportunities for serendipitous encounters, with visitors discovering things they had never planned to see, but are glad they did.

San Miguel de Allende is one of the most popular towns in Mexico both among Mexicans and the foreigners. It is located 100 kms from Leon. The town is a Unesco world Heritage site since 2008. It has a big expat community for that reason its colonial center is full with restaurants and bars. Despite being a small town, San Miguel has lots to offer and discover.

To learn more about San Miguel de Allende, you can check the link below;


To have more information regarding what to do in Guanajuato, you can check the following links;



Special Requirements:
Available Vegetarian Food': Yes
Available for family: No
Available for volunteers with disabilities: No

Extra fee

The Inscription fee for this project is: € 75 euros

INCLUDES (only during the project days)

  • Hosting (according to the conditions specified at the project description)
  • 3 meals a day (average 300gr each)
  • Local transportation with project purposes
  • Administration and organization
  • Tools and materials


  • Airfare to Mexico
  • Transportation from international airport to the project place
  • Leisure activities
  • Insurances
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