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Code Project name Place Dates Type Age Extra fee
VIVE19.06 Rescuing the Lake of Apuizaquito Laguna de Apizaquito 07/08/2019 / 20/08/2019 ENV/SOCI + 18

About the project

The state of Tlaxcala is a hidden gem located just two hours car-ride from Mexico City and thirty minutes from Puebla. The workcamp will be organized by the Youth Institute of the Municipality of Apizaco. Around the town, the lagoon of Apizaquito can be found. This lake is particularly important because certain species of migrant animals lodge there. It is also the home of endemic species of fish. Unfortunately, due to climate change, certain types of plants such as the “tule” plant grow rapidly and damage the nature of the lake. In order to fight this problem, the municipality, other associations and the foreign volunteers will engage in the rescue of this water body.

Project activities

The volunteers will be taking part in the efforts to clean the lake. The activities will be reforestation, preservation of flora and fauna, raising awareness of the community regarding the situation.


Lodging Type:

The accommodation will be provided.


Population: Inhabitants

Closest Bus Station:

CLOSEST STATION: Bus Station at Tlaxcala, Apizaco, Humantla (ATAH)

Closest Airport:

CLOSEST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Mexico City International Airport

OTHER POSSIBLE AIRPORTS: Puebla International Airport

Leisure Activities

During their free time, the volunteers can spend time in Tlaxcala which is the capital of the smallest state of Mexico. The state’s name is Tlaxcala as well. It has a small colonial downtown with a large student population, good restaurants and cafes with vibrant cultural life. As it is not far from the state of Mexico and Puebla, the volunteers can travel to both states by bus and discover the beautiful Mexico City and Puebla. To have more information about Tlaxcala;




Special Requirements:   This camp is open for young motivated people who would like to help the development of local communities! CAMP LANGUAGE: English OPEN FOR FAMILIES: No OPEN FOR DISABLED VOLUNTEERS: No  
Available Vegetarian Food': Yes
Available for family: No
Available for volunteers with disabilities: No

Extra fee

The Inscription fee for this project is: €

INCLUDES (only during the project days)

  • Hosting (according to the conditions specified at the project description)
  • 3 meals a day (average 300gr each)
  • Local transportation with project purposes
  • Administration and organization
  • Tools and materials


  • Airfare to Mexico
  • Transportation from international airport to the project place
  • Leisure activities
  • Insurances