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VSAMLTV1807 TAILANDIA Kuanheang... SOCI,STUD 01/08/2024 31/07/2025

VSAMLTV1807: VIPASSANA VILLAGE-SONGKHLA | VSAMLTV1807 | 2024-08-01 - 2025-07-31 | SOCI,STUD | Age: 18 - 70

Vipassana Village (Medication center) on behalf of Wat Pa Rattaphum temple has worked with VSA Thailand since 2018 as the local partners project. And now there is the action of the Foundation Establishment Project which will reconstruct the concept of Vipassana (mind meditation). The village will be a learning center on mindfulness concentration. The center opens to everyone in mindfulness treatment, day and staying programs. Volunteers will assist the staff team and take care of each task in the center. Establishment of the International Vipassana Foundation (International Vipassana Foundation)” will be able to help promote and develop organisational management, including increasing the potential of teaching and various techniques. According to the Buddhist method for personnel It is also an opportunity to create careers for the unemployed who are stationed at Wat Pa Rattaphum and its network to have income and be able to rely on themselves correctly and appropriately while practising Dhamma. According to the standard organisational model that society can use as a model, that is, it is transparent and verifiable. Bringing faith and faith of both old and new Dhamma practitioners to be more sustainable. To continue progress in propagating the True Dhamma to Thai society and world society. Aims to promote the propagation of Vipassana to the world. The center will be a place for people who are interested in medication mind treatment. there will be various courses suitable for everyone.

Work: Volunteer will be the staff team to support the center management as well as the opportunity to learn Vipassana meditation. The tasks will be front desk registration, accommodation management, schedule management, photographer and participating in the meditation courses Works start from early morning (which can be choice of volunteer to choose to join) 06:00-07:30 to follow the monk walk into the community to receive food from villagers (Monks task assist) 08:30-16:00 (if volunteer join morning walk they can start later) Ready for the course group as the team staff administrative Volunteers would need to work on weekends as some courses will be provided for people who are available on weekend. Then volunteer can switch free day on weekday.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will stay in the university dormitory. Shared room with other volunteers or students, 4 people per room, shared restroom, bunk bed. There are canteens for volunteers and markets around the university. Volunteers can travel by local transportation.

Location: Kuanheang

Location and Leisure: Vipassana Village M.7 Rattaphum, Kuanheang, Songkhla Leisure Activities: Hatyai City, Samila Beach, Songkhla Old town

Airport: HDY

Train/Bus station: Hat Yai train station, Hat Yai bus station

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 20000 THB