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VSAMLTV2401 TAILANDIA Songkhla... EDU,LANG 01/11/2024 28/02/2025

VSAMLTV2401: TSU INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE - SONGKHLA | VSAMLTV2401 | 2024-11-01 - 2025-02-28 | EDU,LANG | Age: 18 - 70

The International College of Thaksin university was officially established in June 2021 and will start the first academic year in June 2024. The college needs the international volunteers corporation support in the academic program with the students. The professor have been working with international volunteers through Humanities and Sociology faculty since 2014 Thaksin university is a public university located in Songkhla nd Phattalung province. International college located in Songkhla campus with 8 facilities. There are about 10,000 students in Songkhla campus. The first year of college will open for 200 students. International volunteers will assist in the class. There are about 50 students per class. There will be a teacher/professor in each subject who volunteers will work with. Songkhla province is the biggest province in the deep Southern Thailand. Located along the sea and the only lake in Thailand. There are about 200,000 residents in town with 171.9 sqr.km. Volunteer will have chance to work with other faculty and institute in Thaksin university which are Humanities and Sociology faculty (attending class activities) and Folklore museum which structured under the university.

Work: Volunteers will receive the classes schedule, working from Monday - Friday. There would be weekend activities with the side classes activities which volunteers can participate, mostly culture activities. Creative teaching English – Non-formal education tools can be used for creative teaching; volunteer is not required teaching certificate but required to be creative. Aims of creative teaching is giving the chance for students in the school and local community to have an opportunity to communicate with different languages and learn different cultures. Volunteers would use Non-formal education tools to make activities based on intercultural and language such as the games, songs, storytelling, and dancing. Also, it should focus on communication, listening and speaking.

Accomodation and food: Stay at with host family, shared room with other volunteers. Volunteers expect to cook with Thai ingredient with host family. Internet can be used at the school.

Location: Songkhla

Location and Leisure: Thaksin University 140 Kanjanavanich Rd, Khao Rup Chang, Mueang Songkhla District, Songkhla Leisure Activities: Hatyai City, Samila Beach, Songkhla Old town

Airport: HDY

Train/Bus station: Songkhla bus station, Hat Yai bus station, Hat Yai train station

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 20000 THB