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ACICRC17-20 COSTA RICA Tortuguero... ANIM,ENVI,EDU 09/06/2024 31/12/2024

Natural reserve in the Caribbean Coast | ACICRC17-20 | 2024-06-09 - 2024-12-31 | ANIM,ENVI,EDU | Age: 18 - 99

The sea turtle conservation program is a scientific-based conservation activity in which the organizations involved try to increase the amount of sea turtle hatchings in order to give higher survival rates. The camps are located within walking distances from the beach. Apart from the sea turtles, you will also have high chances of seeing tropical birds, iguanas, monkeys... The biodiversity is a very important point of these places. The main goal of these projects is to help the recovering of sea turtle populations. The species of sea turtles that you can find on these beaches are Olive riddle, Leatherback, Black or green sea turtle, Loggerhead, Hawksbill turtle depending on which project and season you visit. Main Goals for the ASVO Tortuguero Sea Turtle Project: - Collaboration work with the national park - Monitoring and maintaining the ASVO Tortuguero reservation - To patrol at day and night in collaboration with the National park - To inform people about sea turtles and how to help them reach the sea - To assist in the collecting of scientific data - To maintain infrastructure - To clean the beach and surrounding area of the town - Community work - Reforestation of the beach - Building a little vegetable garden and a chicken coop for eggs International volunteers support: Tortuguero is a village on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the Limón Province. The small village, which can be reached only by boat or airplane, is sustained almost entirely by eco-tourism. The population is estimated at around 1200-1500. Tortuguero can be translated as Land of Turtles, and gave its name to the neighboring Tortuguero National Park.

Work: Volunteers will be working in: ● Protect the flora and fauna of the jungle and the ocean turtle nesting at Tortuguero beach ● Monitoring and maintaining of the ASVO Tortuguero reservation ● Day and Night patrols in collaboration with the National Park Tortuguero and other organizations for collection of information about the sea turtles. ● Day walks to secure the safety of the eggs and hatchlings ● Boat/ATV rides into the wildlife refuge areas and the national park to assist the park rangers ● Inform tourists on how to deal with the hatchlings, what to do and what not to do ● Construction and reparation of the trails for public use at Tortuguero beach. ● Maintenance of the infrastructure of the project ● Cleaning of the beach and surrounding area of the Town ● Assisting the national park in his projects and his daily work (monitoring of animals, tramp-cameras, administration work, investigation work, social work etc.) ● Collecting seeds from the jungle for the greenhouse project ● Reforestation of the beach in order to protect the hatchlings from the light of the town ● Support in environmental education activities and communal protection ● Community activities (schools, high school workshops, festivals “Day of the Jaguar” etc.) ● Night patrols (3-5 days a week, 3-6 hours per night, depends on the season)

Accomodation and food: Hosting situation provided by the Project. The accommodation is very simple and not a luxurious hotel. You will be sharing your room with several volunteers, of course you will still be having your own bed.

Location: Tortuguero

Location and Leisure: The village is situated on a sandbar island, separated from the mainland by Tortuguero River and bordering the Caribbean Sea. Tortuguero is renowned for its navigable canals that run through the rainforest in the national park, and has such earned the nickname of Central America s Amazon .

Airport: SJO

Train/Bus station: We will pick you up from the airport

Requirements: ● Has to be an organized, structured person. (Very important). ● The volunteer needs to like it/needs to have the willingness to work in a natural tropic forest and beach and to work physically. ● Basic Spanish Level and basic English ● To be respectful towards the internal rules the project ● To love nature as the main goal of these projects is the protection of turtles ● To be in good physical condition as the patrols imply long walks along the beach at night and the jungle walks ● To be open to share accommodation and bedroom with other volunteers ● To be very flexible and to do different tasks during the day which may involve cooking and cleaning as volunteers may be also responsible of taking care of the camp ● Interest in environmental issues. ● The volunteer should enjoy working with people and foster good human relations. ● Proactivity is a must. ● Volunteers must be ready to work independently even when the coordinator is not present. ● Honest, responsible, punctual, positive person. ● Leadership Skills. ● Good attitude. ● Open to flexibility of schedules. ● Optional skills (cooking-, carpentry-, electricity-skills etc.)

We will wait at the exit of the airport

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 700 EUR