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ACICRC20-20 COSTA RICA CartagoLaFlordeSantiago... AGRI,ENVI,EDU 16/06/2024 31/12/2024

Agroecological farm in Parrita | ACICRC20-20 | 2024-06-16 - 2024-12-31 | AGRI,ENVI,EDU | Age: 18 - 99

Finca Agroecológica La Flor, as its own name indicates, is an agroecological project managed through the Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Conciencia Ambiental y Humana (ASODECAH), a non-profit association, formed 25 years ago and made up of Costa Rican citizens. As well as people from other countries established in Costa Rica. The association s objective is to conserve and increase the biodiversity at the farm, as well as to carry out activities aimed at all audiences that promote respect for the environment. The project focuses on organic agriculture, taking care of the farm animals, the use of organic fertilizers, reforestation, the production of microorganisms and bioconstruction and other practices related to permaculture, all in the spirit of living sustainably and in community. Finca Agroecológica La Flor began as a project in 1998, when ASODECAH was formed in the town of La Flor, a small town in the province of Cartago. Its founder Brigitte Draabe, is a German citizen, who bought the farm when it was a pasture, with the intention of reforesting it and creating a "lung" in one of the main agricultural areas of Costa Rica. Brigitte has involved the community of La Flor from the beginning, creating jobs and involving the locals in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The project has always been nourished by the knowledge of the locals, who know well the crops grown in the area, the planting season and the area and a host of other details that helped to recover the land on the farm. The project has always had a social objective. For example, we corporate with Schools, colleges, universities, and families with whom we have developed activities aimed at raising awareness about the impact of human beings on the planet and to seek more respectful and friendly alternatives for the environment and other living beings. Finca La Flor is a space to share moments, knowledge, experiences, to deepen in the present moment and to live day by day in a simple way and in connection with nature.

Work: The activities of Finca Agroecológica La Flor take place on the farm itself and, on occasion, in other neighboring farms with which we collaborate, in the surroundings of the farm where we obtain some resources (such as pasture for the animals), or at the farmer s fairs where we plan to go to sell the vegetables we produce on the farm. The following are the different areas of the farm and their respective activities: 1. Agriculture - Crop planting - Elaboration of microorganisms, extracts and organic fertilizers - Preparation of the soil before sowing, adding compost and stirring by hand or with a motor hoe - Weeding - Sowing (making seedbeds, seedlings and then transplanting to the orchard) - Harvesting - Seed conservation 2. taking care of the farm animals (horses, goats, chickens) - Grass collection - Feeding twice a day (mornings and afternoons) - Cleaning of stables and enclosures - Repairing stables, fences, posts, etc. - Collecting eggs every day - Milking the goats 3. Botanical Garden and Forest - Cleaning of trails - Reforestation - Pruning trees - Expand the variety of ornamental plants - Creation of observation areas - Signage 4. Kitchen - Coordination and planning with the orchards for food supplies - Food preparation - Elaboration of vegetarian and vegan recipe booklet - Cleaning 5. Infrastructure - Maintenance of cabins and common areas - Construction of new spaces - Reconstruction of old and obsolete spaces - Collection of bamboo and wood from the forest for construction and furniture making 6. Administration - Answering emails - Making reservations for guests, volunteers, student groups, events, etc. - Elaboration of welcome manuals for volunteers. - Search for institutions and organizations to expand the number of collaborators. - Publications in social networks - Creating tours for our visitors - Weekly planning and evaluation meetings 7. Research - Identification of flora and fauna of the farm and elaboration of a catalog Function of the volunteer: General Objective -The cooperant is asked to be part of the work team, getting involved in all areas of the farm. Specific Objectives -To understand the dynamics and processes of the farm in its different areas (all of them being interconnected), gaining autonomy to perform tasks and/or teach others.

Accomodation and food: Hosting situation provided by the Project. Volunteers will be accommodated in shared cabins with other volunteers, they will have a common bathroom. The cabin is very rustic and simple, and volunteers will have their own bed. The weather is really rainy during rainy season (from May to Dec) which makes also the place to be fresh, by having temperatures of 10¨C to 28¨C average. During dry season the place is still fresh as it is located in the mountains of the province of Cartago (around 1400 meters from the sea level).

Location: CartagoLaFlordeSantiago

Location and Leisure: La Flor de Santiago is a very small village located about 15 minutes away from Paraíso de Cartago and around 35 minutes by bus away from the city of Cartago in the province of Cartago. In La Flor de Santiago we can find a little primary school, a small grocery store and the bus stop to connect with the other towns around. Actually Cervantes is the nearest town where volunteers can find cafeterias, supermarkets, and a cash point (ATM). Still volunteers will have Paraíso with a bigger variety of services available when needed.

Airport: SJO

Train/Bus station: Volunteers will be picked up at the airport.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of Spanish and / or English. Interest in permaculture, especially organic agriculture and animal care. It is important that the person is open to share as there are always many visitors of all ages on the farm. We also ask our volunteers to be aware of the amount of waste they generate. At the Finca we try to re-use everything and if it is not possible, we recycle it. It is very important to us that visitors do not leave any belongings on the farm that they no longer use (old clothes and/or shoes, old shoes, etc.). The work on the farm is physical, so it is important to be very careful when performing the tasks for example not to hurt yourself, especially when handling tools. It is essential that volunteers have insurance.

We meet the volunteer at the airport exit.

Language: esp

Extra Fee: 550 EUR