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NICE-24S-0822A JAPÓN Gifu... KIDS,ENVI,CULT 22/08/2024 25/08/2024

Mino | NICE-24S-0822A | 2024-08-22 - 2024-08-25 | KIDS,ENVI,CULT | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 4 (Quality Education) , organized together with MINO COOLJAPAN, since 2024 in Mino city, Gifu prefecture. At this camp, volunteers will support for the children s camp, which is held on 8/24-8/25. About 20 children from 8 to 15 years old would be participated. Children in Mino City do not have many opportunities to interact with people from other countries. This camp will be a valuable opportunity for children to understand the diversity of the world, grow together, and cooperate. By communicating with volunteers from different cultures and languages, we expect the children to improve their communication skills, including non-verbal, in order to communicate effectively while respecting the other s culture and background. By building a Bamboo House together will be also great opportunity to develop the ability to cooperate with each other across national and cultural boundaries for kids! We also hope that by experiencing local traditional culture together with children, children will gain confidence in local culture.

Work: 1) Preparation for the kid s English camps in the summer. 2) 8/24-8/25: Supporting kid s camp(ex. Playing with kids, organizing events for kids etc.). 3) Make a bunboo house with local kids! Other maintenance work may be included depending on local needs.

Accomodation and food: Shared room in guest house. Sleeping bag is needed! Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns. During 2days camp, you will stay in the temple with children.

Location: Gifu

Location and Leisure: Mino city is located in the central part of Gifu prefecture. The city center of Mino was selected as a national Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in 1999, so you can feel historical atmosphere everywhere in the place. Mino Washi, a specialty of Mino City, has a 1,300 year history and is registered as one of the three greatest washi in Japan on UNESCO s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. As well as being used in ancient documents that are national treasures.

Airport: NGO

Train/Bus station: The nearest international airport is Nagoya from which it takes 2 hours by bus to the meeting point. The meeting time would be 14:00.

Requirements: Anyone who also has an attitude of concern for the local children!

Mino station

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 9000 JPY