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DaLaa MLTV 2304 TAILANDIA THOENLampang... AGRI,ENVI,KIDS 01/05/2024 28/02/2025

Hug Baan Den Organic Farm | DaLaa MLTV 2304 | 2024-05-01 - 2025-02-28 | AGRI,ENVI,KIDS | Age: 18 - 99

Kru Ann just came back in her family garden in the North Thailand in 2023. With her companion P Poon and their rich experience in eco farming and seeds collecting, they welcome volunteers to support their sustaining traditional agriculture practices and pass down valuable knowledge to interested people. Hug Baan Den Vegetable Garden spans approximately ½ hectare and features a variety of products including longans, pomelo, bananas, and organic vegetables, all cultivated using traditional farming methods. The garden also serves as a source for preserving local culture and ensuring food security for future generations through the cultivation and storage of seeds.

Work: We hope every volunteer to gain insight into traditional Thai farming techniques, immerse themselves in Thai culture, explore Thai cuisine, language, and engage in an exchange of cultural traditions through mutual interaction with the local community. Cultivate organic vegetables, harvest and store seeds, engage in cooking traditional Thai dishes and desserts using garden products, and participate in community cultural endeavors while also offering English learning opportunities for children. Volunteers will engage in a range of community-centered initiatives, including collective farming endeavors like cultivating garlic and various crops. Contribute to English teaching sessions at a local school, collaborating with English-speaking educators. Take part in community and religious events, embracing Buddhist practices, and joining cultural festivities. Further strengthen community bonds through shared culinary experiences, crafting delectable dishes and desserts, as well as engaging in herbal activities alongside with community members.

Accomodation and food: We will cook and live together. We are building a new hut to welcome the volunteers. The host provides simple bedding. If you have special need, please inform us in advance.

Location: THOENLampang

Location and Leisure: Hug Baan Den Organic Farm is situated in Baan Den Udom, a serene village located in the heart of a valley with a flowing river in Thoen District, Lampang Province, Northern Thailand. This village thrives on agriculture, with around 70 households engaging in rice farming, gardening, and raising animals like chickens, fish, and cows in accordance with the seasons. Rooted in the traditional way of life of the Thai Lanna people, the villagers also uphold Buddhist practices. The village holds various agricultural-related traditions like “Raek Na Khwan”, “Burning Khao Lam”, Buddhist Lent, “Loi Krathong” lantern festival, New Year s Day, and “Songkran” water festival. The weather consists of three distinct phases: hot summers February-May ranging from 39 to 42 degrees Celsius, rainy period May/June to September/October with temperatures of 28 to 38 degrees Celsius, and cooler winter November to January spanning 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. During the rainy season, villagers frequently venture into the forest to gather forest products, including mushrooms and other natural vegetables.

Airport: LPT

Train/Bus station: THOEN, LAMPANG

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 13000 THB