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SMILE TO TREAT | HUJ 6 JOINT WORKCAMP | 2024-09-01 - 2024-09-30 | ENVI,KIDS,DISA | Age: 18 - 99

NOTA: Para poder aplicar a este proyecto es necesario pagar la cuota adicional de extra fee de 100 euros.*Esta cuota no es reembolsable posteriormente a una aceptación, solo será reembolsable en caso de que no seas aceptado/a en el proyecto.

Voluntary Service of Armenia-Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades (HUJ) was founded in 1965. HUJ is a member of the Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) at UNESCO and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service organizations. HUJ organizes volunteer exchanges with partner organizations abroad and holds a database of 3000 volunteers registered in HUJ as of today. The main activities run by HUJ are for and with volunteers, mainly the young people and students. The regular activities of organization include exchange of volunteers with different organizations, opening international work camps in Armenia, preparation and sending volunteers to different trainings, seminars and work camps abroad, as well as ESC long-term programs. The essential aims of the organization are to raise the social competences and employability of the youth by organizing activities for national and foreign volunteers in various programs in Armenia (workcamps, training courses, medium and long-term projects) as well as facilitating the participation of local and national volunteers in similar projects abroad; to take care of orphans, children with special needs and socially indigent people by proposing activities to and for them and making them more visible for local, national and international communities.

Work: Volunteers accepted for 10 days. The days mentioned above is not the days of the camp. The aim of this work camp is organization of the leisure time of small number of children with disabilities that receive their treatment in this Centre and environmental work on the territory. Volunteers day will begin with environmental work: maintaining the territory, cleaning children s playground from weed and grass, painting and some renovation work. After the children finish their therapy, volunteers will join them to draw, sculpt, sing and dance, do physical training, play games.At the end of the camp volunteers and children will organize a farewell concert. The participants will get certificates and letters of appreciation by the end of the work camp.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers accepted for 10 days. The days mentioned above is not the days of the camp. Volunteers will stay in a separate cottage on the territory of the Rehabilitation Center and sleep in beds.

Location: YEREVAN

Location and Leisure: Volunteers accepted for 10 days. The days mentioned above is not the days of the camp. Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre, American str. 109, YerevanIn Armenian: 1344;1377;1398;1408;1377;1402;1381;1407;1377;1391;1377;1398; and 1348;1377;1398;1391;1377;1391;1377;1398; and 1358;1381;1408;1377;1391;1377;1398;1379;1398;1400;1394;1377;1391;1377;1398; and 1343;1381;1398;1407;1408;1400;1398;, and 1329;1396;1381;1408;1387;1391;1397;1377;1398; and 1411;1400;1394;1400;1409;, 109 and 1399;1381;1398;1412;, and 1333;1408;1415;1377;1398;

Airport: EVN

Train/Bus station: -

Requirements: Volunteers are asked to bring different games, face-paint or other materials to work with children.


Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 0

Volunteers accepted for 10 days. The days mentioned above is not the days of the camp. Payment is agreed between both parties.