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DJ-2407 INDONESIA ... RENO,EDU,CULT 06/01/2025 17/01/2025

WORLD HERITAGE 3 | DJ-2407 | 2025-01-06 - 2025-01-17 | RENO,EDU,CULT | Age: 18 - 35

Since 2008 World Heritage Camp has become our remarkable project focusing on heritage site preservation. We recently conduct World Heritage project in Plaosan temple which also belongs to Prambanan temple compounds. Prambanan temple compounds is a UNESCO world heritage site in Indonesia which is one of the largest temple compounds in Southeast Asia. It was built in 9th century dedicated to the three great Hindu divinities (Shiva, Wishnu and Brahma). The Prambanan temple compounds consist of Prambanan temple (also called Loro Jonggrang), Sewu temple, Bubrah temple and Lumbung temple with total about 240 temples. The temples were damaged by earthquake in 2006 and volcano ashes from Kelud mountain eruption in 2014. Until then the site management try its best to preserve the temple by restoring the damaged temple and conducting a lot of activities in collaborating with UNESCO, government and stakeholders to support the preservation.The volunteers will be introduced to the World Heritage Centres activities and campaign, the history and dynamics of world heritage sites worldwide. It aims at rendering its symbolic dimension to heritage through debates and reflections, contribute to the restoration and preservation of cultural heritage and/or improve accessibility and availability of information, raise the awareness of the local population and create a sense of ownership and identification, and promote cultural heritage between international volunteers and organizations.

Work: Volunteers will have restoration work. Besides, before the restoration work, the volunteers will have one day orientation about how to do the restoration and given information about the history of the temple, so that the volunteers really gain a lot of knowledge about the temples and the process of restoration. As the volunteers live in the local community of Bugisan village, they also have activities in the local school with the local students. They willpromote to the students how to preserve the temple and do some activities like students competition, culture exchange etc. The volunteers will also give campaign about world heritage preservation to the local community as well as the visitors related to the world heritage especially Prambanan temple compounds.

Accomodation and food: The volunteers will be accommodated in local host family (basic conditions, sleeping bag and mat needed), where they will also receive food. Prefer no vegan (strict vegetarian)


Location and Leisure: Prambanan Temple Compounds, Klaten regency, Central Java province. Visit the nearby world heritage sites and temples of Prambanan and/or Yogyakarta City.

Airport: JOG

Requirements: The volunteer should be open-minded, tolerant, creative, flexible, patient, respect the local customs and locals rule, sharing, special drive for children, willing to accept basic living condition in the project site, and be confidence. Never been found guilty in a criminal case in volunteers home country or in another country. Strictly prohibited posses narcotics, marijuana, opium, stimulants or other drugs.Flexible vegetarian is still welcomed, BUT prefer NO STRICT vegetarian (vegan) in all projects. Drinking alcohol during the project is completely prohibited. Please accept our apology that we are not open for volunteer with mentallydisabilities and people with mobility and movement impairments such as limitation on physical functioning,blindness, deft, epilepsy, sleep disorders etc.

a.If you arrive through Yogyakarta International AirportWhen you arrive in Yogyakarta airport, just get out from the arrival gate and find the sign Halte Trans Jogja then just follow to find it. Please tell to the officer that you will go to Halte Trans Jogja Prambanan. Then you can order online taxi by Maxim or Grab to Balai Pelestarian Kebudayaan (BPK) Office or BPCB Office.b.If you arrive through Yogyakarta railway stationIf you arrive in Yogyakarta railway station, please get out from exit gate and then take a walk to jalan Malioboro and find Halte Trans Jogja. Please tell to the officer that you will go to Halte Trans Jogja Prambanan. Then you can order online taxi by Maxim or Grab to Balai Pelestarian Kebudayaan (BPK) Office or BPCB Office.c.If you arrive through Giwangan or Jombor Bus TerminalWhen you arrive at Giwangan or Jombor Bus Terminal, you just find Halte Trans Jogja which is located in the bus terminal. When you already arrive at Halte Trans Jogja Prambanan, then you can order online taxi by Maxim or Grab to Balai Pelestarian Kebudayaan (BPK) Office or BPCB Office.However if you want to take taxi, just tell the driver that you will get off at Balai Pelestarian Kebudayaan (BPK) Office or BPCB Office.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 300 EUR

The volunteers should accept all the rules and condition of the project. Volunteer is recommended NOT to buy flight ticket at least 2 months before the project start, to avoid the cancellation of the project due to lack of participant. Please contact and confirm again to the organization for last update information. The project will be run ONLY if the minimum participants are 5 people.