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DJ-2410 INDONESIA UBUD... KIDS,CULT,LANG 03/02/2025 14/02/2025

CENTRAL BALI 2 | DJ-2410 | 2025-02-03 - 2025-02-14 | KIDS,CULT,LANG | Age: 18 - 35

Bali island is one of the best destination for traveler in the world. It is famous with the beautiful nature and beaches and it has special name called the famed island of gods. The population in the whole Bali island is about 4.600.000 inhabitants. The income for people in Bali is mostly from tourism-related business with more than 75 of its economy. The project will take place at Ubud, Gianyar Regency about 25 km away from Denpasar city where the Ngurah Rai International Airport is located. It takes about 2 hours by car due to heavy traffic. Ubud is very popular with the beautiful landscape. It surrounded by rainforest and terraced rice fields which are very famous for the system of water management called Subak which has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Centre. There are a lot of tourism places in Ubud such as temple, traditional market, monkey forest, rice field, traditional village, and dense forest. As Ubud is one of the tourist center, its very important for the local people especially the children to learn about different languages in order to be able to communicate with the international tourists. As in the future they may works in the tourism sectors. Its also very important that the local have better understanding about the importance of volunteering as a way to raise mutual understanding about the people from different background and raising tolerance. The activities during the program will be mostly working at local school (mainly the kindergarten or elementary school) nearby. The children is important assets for the future, by introducing with volunteeringactivities will open their mind and develop their awareness to other people.

Work: Partner of students and teachers to practice conversation in English; teaching English; organizing presentationabout culture / country etc in the classroom; learning traditional dance / music; sport activities; cultural exchange activities; small renovation work; playing with the students etc. The volunteer also welcome to propose any ideas to organize certain interactive activities at the school. The volunteers will also involve in other activities like cultural exchange and playing with the kids after the school hour in several extracurricular such as sport, art, scout, music and traditional dance; Learning about how to make traditional offering ceremony; learning how to cook Balinese food. The working hours from 08:00 ( 14:00 (about 6 ( 7 hours per day)

Accomodation and food: The volunteers will be accommodated in local homestay, where they will also receive food. Flexible vegetarian is still welcomed, BUT prefer NO STRICT vegetarian (vegan) in all projects

Location: UBUD

Location and Leisure: Ubud district, Gianyar Regency about 25 km away from Denpasar City, the capital of Bali Province. During free time, the volunteers will have the chance to visit the diverse exciting attraction in Ubud and Bali which has been popular all over the world. The volunteers may visit temples, handicraft making center or traditional market.

Airport: DPS

Train/Bus station: Ubud

Requirements: The volunteer should be open-minded, tolerant, creative, flexible, patient, respect the local customs and locals rule, sharing, special drive for children, willing to accept basic living condition in the project site, and be confidence. Never been found guilty in a criminal case in volunteers home country or in another country. Strictly prohibited posses narcotics, marijuana, opium, stimulants or other drugs. Flexible vegetarian is still welcomed, BUT prefer NO STRICT vegetarian (vegan) in all projects. Drinking alcohol during the project is completely prohibited. Please accept ourapology that we are not open for volunteer with mentally disabilities and people with mobility and movementimpairments such as limitation on physical functioning, blindness, deft, epilepsy, sleep disorders etc.


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 450 EUR

The project will be run ONLY if the minimum participants are 5 people; maximum volunteer is 10 people. The volunteers should accept all the rules and condition of the project. Volunteer is recommended NOT to buy flight ticket at least 2 months before the project start, to avoid the cancellation of the project due to lack of participant. Please contact and confirm again to the organization for last update information.