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DJLTV-2403 INDONESIA JAVAISLAND... STUD,EDU 01/04/2024 31/03/2025

DJLTV-2403 | DJLTV-2403 | 2024-04-01 - 2025-03-31 | STUD,EDU | Age: 18 - 40

The aims of the activities are to promote formal education and learning, to assist local teacher and amp; teaching English to the students, and to stimulate intercultural learning. The high Education project is hosted student from 13 ( 17 years old. It involves private schools foundation and governmental school. The activities that will be done among others, formal and non-formal English teaching; entertainment activities for students; education; interaction with students. Moreover High School Education is divided into two educational services, secondary and senior high school. Thoseschools are implementing the curriculum standard national as their compulsory activities. Therefore, the students learn compulsory lesson such as Math, science, social, language, religious, physic and etc. In senior high school, the students are given more various program such as science, social or language class. The minimum educational access, learning method and human resource initiate them in collaborating International Voluntary Service activities to support their language program especially. Moreover, it provides extra activities in order to search and find students interest such as music, art, sport and technology

Work: Intercultural activities through game, music, presentation, discussion and else; Motivating the students actively using their English through interactive learning with volunteers; Working together with teachers to collaborate in class activities; Adapting Indonesian life and culture. Moreover, the presence of volunteers could give them motivation in practicing their foreign language knowledge. Intercultural learning in the form of dialogue, music andgames could give the student better understanding to learn about another culture from other country.

Accomodation and food: The accommodation and food will be provided by host project. The volunteer will stay at local host family or dormitory (to beconfirmed). Facilities are simple and Indonesian style (no hot water, no washing machine).


Location and Leisure: The location will be in Java island

Train/Bus station: Java Island

Requirements: Program fee:a. For 6 months: 1.700 Euro (amount in Indonesian Rp. 29.750.000)b. For 12 months: 2.800 Euro (amount in Indonesian Rp. 49.000.000)c. Dejavato sets one year fixed flat exchange rate for 1 Euro = Rp. 17.500d. For any reasons, once the program fee is paid will be NON-REFUNDABLE


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 1700 EUR

What should bring: UO Light clothes, not too revealing. These are not appropriate while working in the project that you will be visiting. Forthose who are going for the project, shirt and trousers are a must. Shoulders should be covered all the times. Shorts that are cut at the knee are acceptable during free time but not in schools. You also should wearing shs during working. Wearing sandals/slippers are considered impolite in the classroom.UO Toiletries, necessary medicines etcb. Optional (but welcome)UO PowerPoint presentation about your country to share with the project and Indonesian people.UO Cooking recipes, some cooking material and other things to share your culture through food and drinks.UO Traditional clothes, musical instruments and sometraditional games from your country.c. Suggestion goods to bring a long for localsUO Small gifts or souvenirs from your home countryd. The requirements for entering Indonesia for international volunteersUO Hold a Visit Single Entry V