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NICE-24S-0901A MALASIA KualaLumpur... REFU,EDUC,CHIL 06/09/2024 14/09/2024

YCK 4C | NICE-24S-0901A | 2024-09-06 - 2024-09-14 | REFU,EDUC,CHIL | Age: 18 - 50

This project is actively working for SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDGs 10 (Reduced Inequalities), organized together with Malaysian Organization of Volunteer Exchange (MOVE) since 2018 in this place. MOVE is a workcamp NGO founded in 2006. Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) is a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of children in and around Chow Kit. They run two drop-in centers in Chow Kit and one safe home for children who are in need of temporary guardianship. YCK operate in partnership with Ministry of Women and Child Welfare. YCK developed out of Nur Salam and was incorporated in 2011. The past workcamps since 2018 Sep. have been successful, so revived in 2023 with 3 workcamps after 3 years stop due to the COVID-19, that were again successful!

Work: Volunteers will help in guiding student in studies, setting a better environment to enhance a better learning environment. Be ready to provide attentive care from 09:00 to 15:00 on Monday to Friday. It is also important to have nice exchange with several children sleeping in the school building! Some group activities will be arranged by the school and teachers.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will stay in the school. Meal will be provided. Sleeping bag is necessary (mat is also recommended since the floor is hard). Water is very valuable, so the volunteers should be aware of not wasting it when washing the clothes and taking a bath.

Location: KualaLumpur

Location and Leisure: The school is located in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the city, so you can sometimes enjoy café, night market, etc. in the evening (but not till too late!).

Train/Bus station: Kuala Lumpur - Volunteers will meet at KL Sentral station and need to arrive at the airport by 14:00 on the first day and can leave the airport after the noon on the last day.

Requirements: High motivation to work with the kids and to respect local culture/ way. Experience of similar type of service is welcomed! 1,050 MYR (206 EUR by the rate on 2024 Nov. 19) for 14 days and 800 MYR (157 EUR) for 9 days to be paid on your arrivals. 10% less for repeaters of MOVE workcamps and those from less expensive countries.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 180 USD

Situation of refugees and other disadvantaged children in each country. Local SDGs (2030 goals) of YCK