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NICE-24L-0917A SRI LANKA Higurakgoda... AGRI,SOCI 17/09/2024 28/11/2024

Higu M6 | NICE-24L-0917A | 2024-09-17 - 2024-11-28 | AGRI,SOCI | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 1 (No poverty) and SDGs 02 (Zero hunger), organized together with Green Volunteers for Green Future (GV4GF) since 2012 (since 2020 we are working here but Kumaragama is first time). Higurakgoda is a settlement, established in 1956, under the government development plan. Families brought to here from different parts of Sri Lanka and asked them to settle here while doing paddy farming. Different parts of Sri Lanka have different kind of sub cultures. In here all of them are mixed and emerge a new sub culture. Now 3rd generation is living here with their 2nd generation parents. During the 21st century, technology is changed rapidly but it is not reached to these areas because of language barrier, unawareness, narrow perspectives and so on. As a country, everyone should be a part of country’s development process but unfortunately these rural communities are somehow rejected by the administration. But actually, communities’ active participation is essential to overcome the burdens and to establish a just society. Some families are doing other activities to live. Making bags, packeting spices, maintain plant nurseries are among them. We are working closely with paddy farmers as well as other families who have no lands to do agriculture too.

Work: Volunteers are going work at the home gardens maintaing by the members of the women s group. Some times thet have to work 2 or 3 days same place until finish the work. Evenings volunteers can teach languages (English/ Japanese /French etc) to village children according to their age groups. Saturday totally volunteers are staying with village youth group. They are going to work 5 days, including Sathurday. During this period you can meet a families, youths/children society members and watch their activities, women’s/farmers groups, visit village school etc.

Accomodation and food: Village house with a host family, there is electricity and mobile phones are working. But no or less internet or WiFi. You have to wash your cloths by hand and have to hang outside for drying. At the night you can see lots of bright stars at the sky.

Location: Higurakgoda

Location and Leisure: Higurakgoda. 256km from Colombo, suburb of Polonnaruwa, the second ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka and declared as a world heritage site. Many people depend on paddy farming and it is low population density area for Sri Lanka (122 people/ km2).

Airport: CMB

Train/Bus station: Colombo - Volunteers need to arrive at Katunayake Bandaranayake International Airport by the end of Sep. 16 and can leave there after 22:00 of Nov. 28. 8 hours by bus to the site. You will meet at Colombo Government bus terminal in the morning on the first day.

Requirements: High motivation to work while experiencing different type of life style, sharing experiences, accept challenges, adopt to local environment, respect and accept local life and culture. 702 EUR to be paid on your arrivals. There is optional service of 50 EUR to pick up at the airport and one night stay in the guest house, following day breakfast and moving to the meeting point are included.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 670 EUR

Local SDGs (2030 goals) of the family, Higu and Sri Lanka