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NICE-24L-YC04 JAPÓN YoichiHokkaido... ENVI,MANU 01/06/2024 04/05/2025

Yoichi | NICE-24L-YC04 | 2024-06-01 - 2025-05-04 | ENVI,MANU | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGS15 (Life on Land), organized together with Hokkaido Eco-village Promotion Project (HEPP) since 2015. They started to promote sustainability of our lifestyle and community, to create better environmental and social model for next generation in Hokkaido since 2012. They want to produce necessities that are needed for our daily life (foods, energy, etc.) by themselves as much as they can, and want to share them to the local area. They provide various chances to learn comprehensive skill and knowledge about sustainable development by organizing training programs and events for the local adults and kids. They also aim at connecting urban area and rural area, producers and consumers and to contribute local revitalization. They restarted to welcome the international volunteers from 2022 summer and 2 vols. from UK did nice job for one month! *Outcome of this project: In 2023, 6 vols. from UK greatly contributed for 32 days to their farming and other activities as well as the mental empowerment of the host!

Work: Volunteers will work for around 36 hours a week (08:00-11:00/ 13:30-16:30) with one day off mainly to 1) do organic farming such as growing seedlings, seeding, weeding, thinning, harvesting, etc., 2) help the vineyard and food production of wine, vegetables and fruits, 3) help the farm nearby, 4) Help to prepare and run the local events and promote HEPP through SNS, 5) maintain the facilities to make comfortable environment for the visitors including maintenance of eco toilets and weeding, 5) cook the meals for the visitors and staff, etc.

Accomodation and food: Shared room in the main house or a container house (male and female are separated). Cooking with the local and members by turn, vegetarian food is possible. There is limited wifi.

Location: YoichiHokkaido

Location and Leisure: Located next to the city of Otaru, Yoichi is a place where one can fully enjoy Hokkaido tourism, from history and nature tourism to fruit fields and fresh seafood. There is the famous Nikka Whiskey factory. Joining the local festivals, exchange with local people, short trip (hot springs, famous places)

Airport: SPK

Train/Bus station: The nearest airport is New Chitose (CTS) in Hokkaido from which it takes 2 hours to the project by train and bus. However, volunteers need to join On Arrival and Evaluation Seminars in Yokohama, so firstly should arrive at Tokyo airport by 08:00 on the starting day and can leave Tokyo airport after 18:00 on the ending day.

Requirements: Motivation letter is needed. Good level of speaking for the daily conversations of English or Japanese is needed. Skills of driving a car (valid in Japan), maintenance of the agricultural machines, experience of work in the tourism/ hotels are not needed, but useful! Having work experience is desirable. Strong physical health, open mind to actively exchange with others, good cooking skills, PC skills and loving team work/ collective life are also welcomed! 18,000 JPY (110 EUR by the rate on 2023 Nov. 18th) per month till the 3rd month and 9,000 JPY per month from the 4th month of "NICE Volunteers" fee need to be paid in advance either by Card or PayPal. This is used for the project preparation/ coordination such as the transportation of the camp leaders while the meals and the accommodation are provided by the local host by free. Odd days are counted as one month (e.g., 170 days are counted as 6 months).

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 135000 JPY

Theory and various practices of the sustainable living style