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ijgd 14031 ALEMANIA Eutin... ENVI,CONS,MANU 31/08/2024 14/09/2024

Maintenance of a nature trail for children and young people | ijgd 14031 | 2024-08-31 - 2024-09-14 | ENVI,CONS,MANU | Age: 16 - 26

Erlebnis Natur e.V. (ERNA) was founded 20 years ago to get children and young people excited about nature and to promote environmental education. The association offers various programs for groups, has its own children s and youth group and has created the extensive nature experience area ErNat(o)ur in Eutin with numerous learning and experience stations. The range of nature education topics includes the exploration of various biotopes, species protection and promotion, the sustainable use of our habitat and conscious nutrition. The ijgd has been organising volunteer service programmes since 1949. We are an independent, non-profit association for international youth work, a recognised independent youth welfare organisation, and one of the largest and oldest workcamp organisations in Germany. Each year, we assist around 5,000 young people into volunteer work in Germany and abroad. We give them the opportunity to be creative, act in solidarity, take responsibility for themselves, and discover their own true potential and strengths. Our principles: Ecological learning, voluntary contribution, self-organisation, social development, intercultural learning, gender equality, anti-racism/anti-discrimination and political education. Follow us on Instagram ijgd_workcamps Facebook @ijgd.workcamps

Work: During this workcamp you will make an important contribution to the preservation of a 2km long nature trail for students. The ERNat(o)ur nature trail (https://www.erna-eutin.de/ner/ (only in German)) consists of 16 learning and experience stations where children and young people can gain practical experience on the topics of biotopes, species conservation, sustainable use of our habitat and conscious nutrition. The aim is to encourage students to shape a sustainable environment by teaching them about nature and its interrelationships and raising their awareness of the inestimable value of nature. To ensure that the nature trail can continue to be used, intensive maintenance and care are required. Despite ongoing maintenance and renovation work by the supervising association Erlebnis Natur e.V. (ERNA) (https://www.erna-eutin.de/ (only in German)), there are always construction sites that cannot simply be renewed during ongoing operations. For example, a 100-metre-long boardwalk was completely demolished and rebuilt, and a small landing net pond was renewed and enlarged at the last workcamp in 2022. As part of this year s workcamp, weather protection roofs are to be erected in order to ensure safety for the organisation of around 100 events a year with around 3,000 visitors on the subject of education for sustainability. You will also be carrying out some work on the landing net pond, which will be renovated in 2022, repairing and replacing broken information boards on the nature trail, cutting and repairing paths and preparing two major festivals of the Erlebnis Natur e.V. (ERNA) association, the apple festival on 3rd of October and the 20th anniversary of the association on 7th of October. For the Erlebnis Natur e.V. (ERNA) association, your maintenance work on the nature trail is an important prerequisite for being able to fulfil its self-imposed task of education for sustainable development. he members of the association will of course also pursue this task during your work and provide you with a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge about nature, environment, species and climate protection, sustainable development and sustainable use of our habitat as well as conscious nutrition.

Accomodation and food: You will stay in 2-4 person tents in the nature experience room. Toilets, showers, a small kitchen for self-catering and a recreation room are available on the premises. You will cook together. Money for food will be provided. Vegetarian or vegan meals are possible. Please state any intolerances during registration.

Location: Eutin

Location and Leisure: You will live and work in Eutin, the cultural tourism centre of Holstein Switzerland with its medieval town centre. In addition to the historic old town, the Great Eutin Lake with the beautiful Eutin Castle, the lakeside parks, the open-air swimming pool, various boat tours and the Eutin Festival on the lake stage in the castle garden offer a range of leisure activities. www.eutin.de On the weekend trips to Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg or the Baltic Sea are worthwhile.

Airport: HAM

Train/Bus station: Hamburg, nearest station: Lübeck Hauptbahnhof - Eutin We would like to invite you to travel as environmentally friendly as possible. If you have the option to go by train, bus, carshare or bicycle that can be a great first step for you to become a climate steward.

Requirements: You should be fit enough for physically demanding work and you should be able to ride a bike. Be sure to bring work clothes and (water)sturdy shoes.

Meeting point and time: at the accommodation; on Saturday 31/08/2024 by 6:45pm at the latest From Hamburg airport take S-Bahn S1 (direction Wedel or Hamburg-Blankenese) to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hamburg main train station, about 24 min travel time). The S1 is running every 10min. From Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hamburg main train station) take (at least 5:06pm) the train RE 8 in direction Lübeck Travemünde Strand and get off at the station Lübeck Hauptbahnhof (main train station) (travel time 46min). At Lübeck Hauptbahnhof (main train station) change to train RE83 in direction Kiel Hbf. and get off at the station Eutin (travel time 22min). From Eutin train station take the bus 2 in the direction of “Sibbersdorf Ortsmitte, Eutin” and leave the bus at station “Fissaubrück, Eutin” (travel time 8-12mins). From bus station Fissaubrück After leaving the bus, please change to the other street side and go on the direction of tavel of the bus. Follow the Riemannstr.for 200m. When Riemannstraße bends slightly to the right, turn slightly left into Fissaubrück (dead end for cars). At the end of the Fissaubrück street, continue along the footpath and then come to the Diekstauen street, which makes a small left turn after 30 metres, where the footpath also ends. After the bend continue along Diekstauen and after approx. 350m you will reach your accommodation ERNA Erlebnishaus on the left-hand side (it is on the left behind the animal rescue). More Information about train and bus connections: www.bahn.com.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

Please note: There is a special Teenage Fee of 150€ for international volunteers who apply under 18 in this camp.