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NIG08 ALEMANIA Peenemuende... ENVI 26/08/2024 06/09/2024

Peenemuende IV | NIG08 | 2024-08-26 - 2024-09-06 | ENVI | Age: 18 - 26

This project is organized by NiG e.V., a german non-profit and non-government organization. In this project we work together with the historic technical museum of Peenemünde. The Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum is working on the history of the creation and use of weapons during World War II. The exhibitions document who worked in Peenemünde, how people lived and why the enormously elaborate weapon projects were carried out.

Work: This workcamp is for nature lovers since the work will be mainly outdoors. The volunteers will work in a nature park on the island “Usedom” located in the Baltic Sea. There is a lot of work around the natural reserve. Since it’s not possible to use common agriculture techniques, volunteers have to do everything manually. Moreover, every meadow around must be cut and the grass has to be put aside. The aim of this project is to help to protect this unique reserve through your contribution.

Accomodation and food: The volunteers will stay in multiple rooms at a youth hostel. Full board is included (also vegetarian). There will be someone cooking for the participants. Dinner will be warm; lunch and breakfast will be sandwiches.

Location: Peenemuende

Location and Leisure: Peenemünde is located in the northern part of the island Usedom which is located in the very north-eastern part of Germany. Usedom is the island with the most hours of sunshine in Germany and a popular travel destination. Because Peenemünde was occupied by the German army by the time of the Nazi-Regime, the nature could grow and bloom freely and many salt and orchid meadows sprouted. But Peenemünde is mainly known for its significant role in the times of the Nazi regime. Whereas Peenemünde first was a place where the Nazis army was positioned for developing different military tactics, it later became a labour camp in 1943. The prisoners had to help assemble the V-2 rockets and other military objects. Leisure time: Excursions can be planned together, short trips to nearby towns, swimming. There will be bikes provided to get to the working location.

Airport: BER

Train/Bus station: Peenemünde

Requirements: Please bring a sleeping bag, a mattress pad, working clothes and motivation.

Will be send to the volunteers with the travel information.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0