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NO-ID 12.1 NORUEGA Vardø. Cultural heritage / Restoration, renovation 01/07/2024 15/07/2024

Vardøhus museumsforening, Vardø

Camp code:

NO-ID 12.1



Start Date:

01 Jul 2024

End Date:

15 Jul 2024


12: Art, culture and local history

Work Types:

Cultural heritage / Restoration, renovation

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 99

Required Language:


Child friendly camp

Yes (Minimum age: 0)

Description: Vardø is a small town in the very northeast of Norway, with about 2000 inhabitants. It is the oldest town of northern Norway, situated on an island in the Barents Sea, and is the only place in Norway in the Arctic climate zone. Vardø has lots of history, amongst others memorials from World War II, the northernmost fortress of Europe and a monument in memory of the execution of women concidered to be witches. Another aspect of Vardø is its nature, with good opportunities for hiking. Various birds nest here.Vardøhus museumsforening is a voluntary organisation in Vardø. One of its present projects is refurbishing the old building of Vardø Museum, called Lushaugen. In recent times, involved in refurbishing old wooden buildings in the centre of Vardø, - they now contain the Pomor Museum.

Type of Work: The work will be done in 2 different places. One part will include some manual outdoor work in the surroundings of the old building of "Lushaugen", mostly cutting of grass etc. The second part will be some outdoor work in the surroundings of the Pomor Museum, and also some activity related preserving industrial artefacts for the museum regarding the local fishery history, and organizing storage rooms for these objects.

Study Theme: Peace work and conflict resolution. Norwegian - Russian relations in the north of Norway.

Accommodation: Inside the old building Lushaugen, in the centre of Vardø. There are some rooms there at disposal for the volunteers. There is also a kitchen and some bathrooms.

Language: English

Requirements: Please, bring rainwear. Clothes and footwear for physical work outdoors are also necessary.

Approximate Location: The distance from Oslo to Vardø is about 2300 kilometres, so you will need to calculate some extra costs for travelling there. Book your trip as soon as possible!

Notes: Absolutely no use of drugs.