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SJ/FAM64 FRANCIA ... ENVI,CULT 09/09/2024 14/09/2024

SUMMER VEGETABLE GARDEN: A FAMILY ADVENTURE | SJ/FAM64 | 2024-09-09 - 2024-09-14 | ENVI,CULT | Age: 5 - 99

Sustainable development, like permanent agriculture, is rooted in the organization s values and its transversal in our actions. Thus, "Maison des Bateleurs-Solidarités Jeunesses" began creating an environment hub: phytosanitary tank, dry toilets, compost, eco garden, use of natural resources are just examples.

Work: In this workcamp, you will participate in the center s life and in diverse aspects: community (cook, washing, planning...), intercultural exchanges (locals and association s volunteers encounter)... The workcamp s purpose is to raise awareness over sustainable development. Caring the garden (seeding, transplanting, hoeing, watering, picking, processing). Upkeep of compost, phytosanitary pool, henhouse, insect-house and bamboo canopy.

Accomodation and food: In collective dormitories (8 places), at the Maison des Bateleurs in Montendre, where you would be all the accommodations at your disposal and a vehicle for transport to the site and also to discover the region. Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner (you have a budget which camp-leaders will manage and communicate with you throughout the workcamp). Meals will be prepared, in turn, by you, especially for lunch and dinner while respecting environmental values and local resources, as well as the culture of each and every one (hot and cold dishes as well as vegetarians and vegans will be prepared).


Location and Leisure: Montendre, Charente-Maritime, 75 Km from the sea, between Bordeaux and Angoulême. Leisure Activities: Tour of the region will be collectively planned as you wish: city visits, ocean, museums or the Forest House... Interactions with house volunteers will be provided like pizza party... This will allow you to see how "Solidarités Jeunesses" works.

Airport: BOD

Train/Bus station: Montendre train station (17130).

Requirements: Participation fees are 50€/child and 100€/adult.

The meeting point is at Montendre station between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. The organisers will provide a shuttle service between the station and the accommodation.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 100 EUR