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LEG10 ITALIA Ottaviano... ENVI,MANU 23/09/2024 06/10/2024

Vesuvio national work camp 2024 | LEG10 | 2024-09-23 - 2024-10-06 | ENVI,MANU | Age: 18 - 99

Legambiente A.R.I.A. - Mimmo Beneventano from Ottaviano fully shares the operational philosophy of the national association and it is by virtue of this sharing that it promotes, in collaboration with public bodies and / or other non-profit organizations, projects, events and Initiatives in the idea of contributing to the large-scale affirmation of the principle of active citizenship, involving local youths in the pursuit of their activities, giving them the opportunity to develop civic, social and environmental consciousness, contributing to the realization of their However, to contribute to improving the living conditions of the reference community. Legambiente Mimmo Beneventano began his activity of denouncing territorial abuse in the early 80 s as a local association, and then joined Legambiente in 1989. Over the last few years, the association has linked its name to important initiatives to denounce illegality, Spread over Vesuvius territory, achieving important results (the blockade of the new Vesuvius funicular railway, the closure of the dumps of Somma Vesuviana, Ercolano and Terzigno dislocated in the Vesuvius National Park, countless complaints against abusive quarries, hydrogeological disaster Pollution of the wells and waterfalls of the Vesuvius, against forest fires, building abusive, sometimes even denouncing omissions, inertia and inefficiencies of local governments. Legambiente Mimmo Beneventano is registered at the Regional Register of Volunteering with decree n.24275 of 29/12/1997. He is also a member of the Legambiente National Voluntary Association and is a member of the Legambiente Civil Protection groups that are registered in the National Register of the Civil Protection Department. Finally, he is an actor of Civil Service projects with ARCI Civil Service Naples, with whom he has been continuously implementing projects in the field of environmental protection and initiatives for the dissemination of legality in the territory of Vesuvius since 2001.

Work: The main actions taken by the observatory are as follows: 1) Realization of the Memory Park and social gardens. Planting trees in memory of victims of crime and managing gardens with Horticultural species. 2) Creation of vegetable gardens and preparation of didactic forest reforestation in the castle confiscated from the mafia;; 3) Ideation and realization of outdoor events, conventions and gatherings; 4) Organization of commemorations in memory of the victims of the Camorra (Mimmo Beneventano, 7 November, Festival of Civil Advocacy, May, Naisale Day of Legality, 19 March); 5) monitoring biodiversity fauna and difficulty; 6) realization of training paths involving the classes of compulsory schools in an initiative called Legality Trails; 7) monitoring activities of buildings and environmental illicit; 8) awareness campaign against forest fires in the PNV; 9) Membership, organization, realization and / or participation in environmental awareness events of national and local interest.

Accomodation and food: The international camp will take place in Ottaviano,in the province of Naples (Campania) on the slopes of Vesuvius. Historical churches and palaces, quaint quarters and alleys By plane: Naples Interna

Location: Ottaviano

Location and Leisure: The Environment & Legacy Observatory of the Vesuvius National Park In 2006, the National Park Authority of Vesuvius decided to start experimentally the preliminary activities of establishing a real Observatory. Since September 2009, following agreement with the Park Authority, Legambiente Mimmo Beneventano manages a property confiscated to the Camorra, transformed into the Environment & Legality Observatory of the Park. The main actions taken by the observatory are as follows: 1) Realization of the Memory Park and social gardens. Planting trees in memory of victims of crime and managing ga Naples Internationale Airport Capodichino null

Airport: NAP

Requirements: no special requirements are required

Language: eng

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