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SDA101 REPÚBLICA CHECA Dobrichov... MANU,ENVI 30/06/2024 12/07/2024

Summer in the Elbe Lowlands | SDA101 | 2024-06-30 - 2024-07-12 | MANU,ENVI | Age: 18 - 99

The workcamp is organized in cooperation with the Local Action Group (LAG) Podlipansko in the small village of Dobrichov. The LAG focuses on the development of all parts of the region and helps to distribute European and state subsidies to improve the quality of life in the entire region. One of the projects is the reconstruction of the rectory with a neglected garden, which is in an unusable condition after years of no maintenance. Many ruins of old buildings of no historical value forbid a safe environment for the locals´ visit. The goal of this project is to renovate the garden to make it accessible to the public for cultural or environmental events. At this workcamp, you will actively contribute to the achievement of the UN SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Work: The rectory garden was full of woody plants, dry trees and things that time has brought and is surrounded by ruins of buildings without much historical value. The long-term goal is to restore the garden and instead build an open, living community garden that will be used year-round by the local community as a space for relaxation, community meetings and cultural events, especially with environmental content. Volunteers will help with the landscaping of the garden, construction of a fire pit, establishment of garden elements, removal of woody plants in the area of the future sports field, and sorting of construction materials. In case of heavy rain, volunteers will clean the unused part of the rectory. Most of the work will be outside and manual, so bring suitable clothes and shoes appropriate for work, long sleeves and pants are recommended.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will sleep directly in the rectory in two renovated rooms on sleeping mats. There are 4 toilets, 2 showers, a small but well-equipped kitchen and a washing machine. WIFI is available. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. You can also bring an inflatable mat for better comfort. Lunch will be provided by a local partner. Volunteers will be responsible for preparing their breakfasts and dinners from provided ingredients. Bring your favourite recipes and any special ingredients you might need for that. Vegetarian and vegan diets can be accommodated.

Location: Dobrichov

Location and Leisure: The project will take place in Dobrichov, which is a village of over 700 residents located 1 hour from Prague. Bigger towns, such as Kolin or Cesky Brod surround it. In the village, you can find a supermarket, a local pub, a soccer field, tennis courts, playgrounds, a church and more. An ATM and a pharmacy are both right in the city centre, not far away from the accommodation. Football or volleyball tournaments with the local community, visit the nearby towns Pecky, Kolin and Kourim, table tennis, table football, piano, lacrosse, basketball, archery, badminton and more sports activities. Musical instruments are welcome.

Airport: PRG

Train/Bus station: Train station : Pecky.

Requirements: Please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, a mat, shoes and clothes for outdoor work that can get dirty or even damaged. Beware of allergies: pollen, insects. Volunteers are not allowed to smoke on the premises of the town´s rectory.

From Prague airport, take bus 119 to the “Nadrazi Veleslavin station. From here, take train Os 9827 to “Masarykovo Nadrazi” at 15:01 where you need to change to train Os 9341 to “Pecky” at 15:58. Lastly, you will walk from Pecky to Dobrichov (approx. 17 mins), your campleader will guide you. Detailed information will be provided in the infosheet.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 10 EUR

Volunteers will visit the nearby Radim castle and participate in a workshop about the history of the rectory and the added value of their work.