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FAGAD03 TOGO DanyiketemeDanyiapeyeyemeregiondesplateauxTogo... ENVI,AGRI 29/06/2024 19/07/2024

Women s right to land, community forest management with income-generating activities | FAGAD03 | 2024-06-29 - 2024-07-19 | ENVI,AGRI | Age: 18 - 70

Our partners in this project are The management committee of the Danyi keteme community forest and the village development committees

Work: Theme: Women s right to land, community forest management with income-generating activities This project aims to promote gender equity in the field of land; allow women to benefit from the land and exploit it for their autonomy and participate in the development of their municipality. It is also a commitment of women to participate in the protection of the environment through sustainable agriculture and by protecting and promoting the community forest. Work to be done: Debates on women s right to use land for empowerment Animation (awareness-raising on the good management of land, forests and water) Exhibitions and sales (food products plus breasts) Maintenance of old reforested areas Reforestation and livestock Product processing Debates on the status of women here and there, Sanitation activities in the village and make the river clean and protected.

Accomodation and food: accomodation The volunteers live in the house often made available by the village. There sanitary are relatively modern some time . It depend of the house they give. . FAGAD provide mattresses. Food the food will be African and European. Everyone will participate. Now , most of the alimentation would come from the farm or from neighbors farms. Fresh and bio food They are often helped by young people from villages

Location: DanyiketemeDanyiapeyeyemeregiondesplateauxTogo

Location and Leisure: Location Danyi keteme is a village of about 1103 inhabitants. It is located in the canton of Kakpa and a few kilometers from Danyi Apéyéyémé (capital of the prefecture of Danyi). There is a primary and middle school. The villagers rather take advantage of the infrastructures (hospital, town hall, police, gendarmerie, post office ..... ) of Apéyéyémé. Economically, almost all (70%) of the population live mainly from agriculture, particularly cash crops (coffee and cocoa) and food products (maize, cassava, taro, plantain, etc.). Apart from agriculture, which is the main activity, people engage in other activities such as trade, crafts and livestock. The latter is not fully developed due to ecological constraints (rugged reliefs, forests) Leisure Touristic sites to visit ; the ancestral site of Fiatoé, the Dzanipé Falls with their beautiful waterfalls, the Kpioné Falls, the Plateau of Dyani ( visit to the Monastery of Dzogbegan and it’s circular chapel constructed of wood ), Mount Kloto ( whence it is possible to glimpse Lake Volta in Ghana on a clear day ), the village of Kuma Konda together with the château Viale, Mount Agou ( the summit is the highest point in Togo;986 m ), Possibility of discovering as well the north of Togo ( the large towns like Atakpamé, Sokodé, and Kara, the rock cutting of Alédjo ( the road passes through an enormous rock cutting ), the region of Tamberma, the Naimtougou Falls…) and the Nangbéto Dam with the lake where hippopotamuses live;. Artistic activities: learn the techniques of batik, sculpture, Cultural activities: percussion ( Djembé drums ) and dancing around the fire; A day with a family: a day steeped in the daily life of an African family organized around the following themes: animism, putting the village chief on his throne, traditional marriage, a day in the fields. OTHER POSSIBILITIES : Also the possibility of discovering the North of Togo ( the large towns such as Atakpamé, Sokodé and Kara, the Aledjo fault ( the road passes through a cutting in an enormous rock ), Tamberma country, Niamtougou falls…) and the Nangbeto Barrage with the hippopotamus lake, the elephants at Tchandé

Airport: LFW

Train/Bus station: we pick up at aeroport

Requirements: hope to see soon motivated and fexible volunteers .NB: if you are not from partener association or from organisation member of CCIVS, you ll pay 70 euros more for registration fees and solidarity funds. Criminal record for individual without coming from partner association

at the entrance to the airport or contact us for directions and instructions

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Extra Fee: 230 EUR

Danyi Keteme is a few kilometers from Danyi Apéyéyémé (capital of the prefecture of Danyi)