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AJOV 03 MOZAMBIQUE Inhambane... ENVI,EDU,SOCI 03/07/2024 17/07/2024

Environmental CAMP – Inhambane (Tofo Beach | AJOV 03 | 2024-07-03 - 2024-07-17 | ENVI,EDU,SOCI | Age: 18 - 99

The Associação dos Jovens Voluntários (AJOV) is a nationally recognized non-government, non-profit organization founded in 1998 in Mozambique. It was officially recognized by the Mozambican Government s Ministry of Justice on June 16, 1999 and registered in the Legal Entities of Maputo The GOAL of AJOV is to create a fair and democratic society where young people can actively and effectively participate in their own socio-economic and cultural development as responsible citizens. The organization aims to support and defend the rights of young people, advocate for their causes, promote self-employment and help strengthen social ties for their overall human and social development. The focus is always on protecting their autonomy, security, and dignity so they can fully exercise their citizenship. Professional Training: Helping young people prepare for successful careers. Environmental Protection: Promoting sustainable practices and preserving natural resources. Sport and Recreation: Encouraging healthy physical activity and leisure. Education: Emphasizing primary and secondary education systems. Global Exchange: Fostering socio-cultural exchange among young people from different parts of the world. Advocacy: Advocating for the inclusion and active participation of young people in society. Citizen Rights: Protecting the rights of young people to fully exercise their citizenship. Food and Nutrition Security: Ensuring young people have access to adequate food and nutrition. Gender Equity: Promoting equal opportunities for women and men.

Work: WORK • Promotion Environmental Education; • Working with Community; • Work with local NGOs, to develop social & community work; The project will focus on participatory and gender-inclusive planning during fieldwork. About fifteen to twenty volunteers will participate in the learning. In the implementation of the project, men and women will have the ability to raise awareness on waste management, reuse techniques to a healthy environment and source of income for the population.

Accomodation and food: Stay in the house and tent. Share one big room together, separate male and female. You will take turn to cook.

Location: Inhambane

Location and Leisure: Tofo Beach (pt: Praia do Tofo) or simply Tofo is a small town in southeastern Mozambique. The town lies on the Indian Ocean coast, on Barra Beach peninsula in Inhambane Province, Jangamo District, 497 km from Maputo to Tofo Beach and 22 km drive from Inhambane city.[2] A major Mozambican tourist destination, Tofo is a home to culture and sealife, with tourists drawn by a long Indian Ocean beach front and nightlife with amazing international or locals artists, Tofo is a hotspot for tourists from around the world to come and see the culture and sealife. Leisure• Visit Inhambane City; • Go to Tofo Beach; • Go to Barra Beach; • Enjoy Jangamo District. . Fun Games

Airport: INH

Train/Bus station: Inhambane

Requirements: WHAT TO BRING ♥ Environmental Material working; ♥ Medicine as necessary; ♥ Mosquito repellent; ♥ Your traditional music, costumes, food and drink for the intercultural night (cooking and performance); ♥ Materials or sources (brochures, maps, souvenirs, pictures, flags, or handicrafts to introduce about your country and culture); ♥ Sunglasses and sun-block cream; ♥ Toilet paper (you can buy it at the shop in the village); ♥ Any interesting materials such as CDs, ideas for games/activities for students; ♥ Motivation, good humor, and communication skills; ♥ Raincoat (sometimes there will be rain).

Inhambane City

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 270 EUR

Travel from Maputo to Inhambane (Tofo Beach) , it’s about 497 kms. There are 2 ways to how to get there. - Travel by bus and car/taxi. The most popular way to travel from Maputo to Tofo is by bus. TRAVELLING by flight takes about 1:30 Minutes. Maputo Aeroport is in the town centre so everything is easily accessible.