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VINWC25-01 NEPAL KATHMANDUNEPAL... KIDS,EDU,CULT 16/01/2025 27/01/2025

CHILDREN S WINTER CAMP | VINWC25-01 | 2025-01-16 - 2025-01-27 | KIDS,EDU,CULT | Age: 18 - 28

Children s Development is one of the major programs at VIN s Integrated Community Development Approach. The Goal of the Children s development program is to protect the rights of all children by providing them access to basic quality education, developing their life skills (creativity, leadership etc.) and providing access to health and hygiene services. VIN has different projects under children s development program such as Children s Clubs (CC), Early Childhood Development (ECD), School Attendance (Teacher Development, Parenting Education, School Infrastructure Development, and Child Sponsorship), and Child Care. Even these days in Nepal, schools are focused mainly on examination and are not doing enough to develop life skills like creativity and leadership for children. Teachers only focus on reading and writing U? 1/2 rote learning. Creativity and individual differences in children are not explored. Due to the busy work schedule of parents, most of the children do not have an opportunity to socialize and be creative. These types of camps are so essential to provide life skills development opportunities to children aged between 5-12 years old. We work only with disadvantaged communities as these families cannot afford to take their children to holidays during their Winter and Summer breaks. Children don t have a proper structure and environment at home or a school to develop their innate talents. Children s camp (during winter and summer breaks) is one of the best places to explore their natural skills such as creativity and leadership. In this work camp, national and international volunteers will facilitate different types of fun and creative activities for the children where VIN works. Objectives: U? 1/2 To provide unique opportunities for overall development (social, emotional, physical, mental, creativity) and provide a fun time for children aged between 5 and 12 utilizing their vacation period. U? 1/2 To promote friendship, understanding, and solidarity among local young volunteers and cross-national volunteers. U? 1/2 To provide an opportunity to understand and appreciate the Nepalese culture and traditions via cultural immersion.

Work: The volunteers will conduct children s camp to promote their innate talents and creativity for their overall physical, mental, social and emotional development. During the children s camp, volunteers will prepare sessions and take classes on physical exercises, team building, drawing, colouring and painting, art, craft and origami, singing and dancing, drama, music, hiking, teaching language, and so on.

Accomodation and food: Tarakeshwor: Tarakeshwor municipality is situated in the outskirts of Kathmandu District. It is around 10-15 km from the main ring road to Balaju, Kathmandu, covered with hills, fields, and woods. If you arrive early or wish to stay in Nepal after your volunteer period, VIN offers weekend travel tours to Chitwan Jungle Safari, Pokhara, and Nagarkot at reasonable prices.


Location and Leisure: Basic English should be spoken among the participants and children U? 1/2 Volunteers should be fully vaccinated and should have certificates against COVID-19

Airport: KTM

Train/Bus station: Kathmandu

Requirements: VIN staff will pick each volunteer from the airport. The volunteers are requested to send their flight details to VIN on time so that we can send our staff with your name card and VINU? 1/2s Logo.

VIN staff will pick each volunteer from the airport. The volunteers are requested to send their flight details to VIN on time so that we can send our staff with your name card and VINU? 1/2s Logo.

Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 200 EUR

The participation fee is 200 Euros (30 Euro for transportation), which is to be paid on arrival at VIN Office.