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EST AL5 ESTONIA NURSTEKULA... ANIM 02/09/2024 27/09/2024

ALLIKSAARE HORSE FARM V | EST AL5 | 2024-09-02 - 2024-09-27 | ANIM | Age: 18 - 88

Hiiumaa, according to the Nordic sagas, emerged from the Baltic Sea as a small islet more than 10 000 years ago. The island of Hiiumaa was first mentioned in historical documents as a deserted island called Dageida in 1228. The first inhabitants settled down at the end of the 13th century. Nowadays, Hiiumaa is the second biggest island of Estonia with an area of 965 sq. km and a population of around 9 000. It has many historical and nature sights, and there are kind people known for their hospitality and good sense of humor. The island is referred to as a remote area of Europe, and EstYES feels particularly proud developing international voluntary projects for over twenty years there. EstYES has been cooperating with eco-farms all over Estonia for solidarity and practical support to local people who work in the agricultural sector keeping traditional lifestyle and developing new eco-farming despite all difficulties. Alliksaare Farm on Hiiumaa Island is one of such projects. This is an organic farm promoting sustainable lifestyle, and this camp is proposed for volunteers who appreciate and share its values, want to learn more about it and to help hard working people. Alliksaare Farm breeds an endangered breed of horses called Estonian Native horses. Alliksaare Farm also has an important task taking care of coastal meadows which are international birds migration area under protection of NATURA Program.Video of past camp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEAc2Sch6f8

Work: Alliksaare Farm s main direction is horse breeding. At the moment there are around 150 horses on the farm. The work is diverse: it is to take care and maintain the pastures located by the sea - clearing around the pastures, building or removing fences, repairing fences, cleaning the stable. Another work is cleaning the coast nearby the farm from rubbish brought by storms. There can be some work for preparing food for horses for a winter time. But the most important work is with horses directly - taking care of them and to train horses. We have horses of any age, but mostly young horses, so depending on your experience and willingness to learn, it is possible to learn how to take care and train horses of all ages. For example socializing and training foals, halter train yearlings and saddle and/or carriage train young horses. The work will be mainly outdoors. Working time is 6-7 hours a day. Work will be done under some supervision and guidance of the local host but also quite a lot independently.

Accomodation and food: The accommodation conditions are very simple - in caravans, however beds are provided. Please bring your sleeping bag. Toilets and showers are available on site. There is a kitchen with all necessary equipment for cooking. Ingredients for food will be provided, but you need to cook by yourselves. We ask you to keep the living and common areas clean (washing dishes, cleaning the floors, etc).


Location and Leisure: LocationAlliksaare farm is located in Nurste Kula, Emmaste parish, Hiiumaa island. Hiiumaa is situated in the western part of Estonia, 130km from Tallinn. More information available on the following websites: www.emmaste.ee, www.hiiumaa.ee, www.visitestonia.com TerminalAirport, harbour, bus station in Tallinn. From Tallinn airport plane to Hiiumaa leaves twice a day https://eestilennud.ee. Or you get there by bus. For this take bus nr 2 or 15 going to the city centre. Buses stop at Tallinn Bus Station (Bussijaam). From there buses go to Hiiumaa two times per day taking you straight there (including ferry transportation from the mainland). Timetables are available online at www.tpilet.ee (bus from Tallinn to Hiiumaa), https://transport.tallinn.ee/ (transport in Tallinn).Leisure timeThere are a lot of natural picturesque sights on the island as well as good possibilities for swimming in the sea or hiking in the forest. It is planned to visit other parts of Hiiumaa Island on the week-end. Hiiumaa offers a lot of various cultural events in summer time and you will have the possibility to join them. In spring and autumn you can enjoy birds watching as their migration route goes over island. This camp is perfect for people who enjoy being close to the nature and are interested in traditional way of rural living.

Airport: TLL

Train/Bus station: Nurste

Requirements: Special requirementsYou have to be open-minded and ready to adapt to the simple conditions of the common life in Estonian countryside. Be ready for independent work staying without permanent supervision. Please consider that the work is mainly farm work which can be hard at some time. It is great if you have experience with horses. It is helpful if you have some technical skills: repair machines, building, use chainsaws, etc. Driving license is an advantage. Smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted on the farm. Participation feeWe ask participants to contribute a single fee of 60 Euro towards the costs of general administration. Fee does not depend on the duration of your stay. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp to the bank account. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your sending organization for solution.


Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 60 EUR

It is possible to join for several camp shifts in a row