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EST KI6 ESTONIA AIASTE... AGRI 02/09/2024 16/09/2024

KINGU ORGANIC FARM VI | EST KI6 | 2024-09-02 - 2024-09-16 | AGRI | Age: 19 - 88

For many years EstYES has been cooperating with eco-farms around Estonia demonstrating solidarity and respect to their work and supporting local people, who keep agricultural traditions and develop eco-farming in Estonia. Organic farm Kingu is one of them. This is a berry, fruit and vegetable micro-farm in the South Estonia. The main berry crops are raspberries, various currants, gooseberries, Japanese quince, garlic and rhubarb. Everything is grown in an environmentally sustainable way using straw and hay. The farm promotes sustainable lifestyle, and this camp is proposed for volunteers who appreciate and share its values, want to learn more and to help hard working people in country side.

Work: The main task is harvesting various berries and vegetables such as rhubarb, currants, raspberries, Japanese quince, then helping juice making and products packaging. But there is also weed control and fertilization with mulch in plantations, mowing grass, cutting branches, removal of bushes and wood chipping, assistance in the construction of various small buildings, vegetable beds and other necessary structures on the site, painting as well. And there is ongoing work of planting seeds. Working hours are 5-7 hours a day for 5 days a week. The exact work depends on season and partly on weather conditions.

Accomodation and food: Farm life conditions are simple. Sleeping is in a separate house in beds. Bed sheets, blankets and pillows are provided, so no need for sleeping bag. There is outdoor kitchen with all necessary equipment. Volunteers can make breakfast and lunch themselves, and dinner will be prepared by and taken with the family. Washing is in the sauna. There is a dry organic toilet. Volunteers have to take care of their surroundings by cleaning up after themselves.

Location: AIASTE

Location and Leisure: LocationThe farm is located in Kanepi municipality just 11km from Otepaa and 47km from Tartu. When coming from Tartu, choose a bus to Voru and get off at the Saverna stop. Buses stop there quite often, travel takes about 40 minutes. Also you can come through Otepaa. Knowing you arrival time and place hosts will pick you up from there. Bus information is on www.tpilet.ee or www.luxexpress.ee. The farm is located in the tiny village of Aiaste. It is important to understand that it is calm and quiet place (there are no events in the village). But with nice weather, it is possible to see deer in the field, foxes in a strawberry bed and storks. While sitting by the fire at night, enjoy stars in the sky and listen to the nature sounds by animals such as badgers or raccoons.Leisure timeIt is possible to swim, make a fire, play volleyball, disc golf and other games or go for mushroom picking if you like it. There is a swimming lake in Valgjarv 4 km away. You can use various hiking trails. If interested you can visit nearby farms where you can get to know horses, sheep and other animals and see many other interesting things. There is very nice restaurant nearby https://kodas.ee/restaurant/ and Cantervilla Castle where you can have fun in the water park. More info on www.cantervilla.ee

Airport: TLL

Train/Bus station: Saverna

Requirements: Special requirementsYou have to be open-minded and be ready to adapt to the simple conditions of the rural life being ready to do farm work which can be hard sometimes. The minimum age of participants is 19, no upper limit.Participation feeWe ask participants to contribute 50 Euro towards the costs of general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your sending organization for solution.


Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 50 EUR