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LMTV 05 INDONESIA Semarang city Children & Education 01/01/2024 31/12/2024

Bahtera Kasih Happy Children

Background :
Bahtera Kasih is a Protestant based orphanage run by Bahtera Kasih Foundation,
located in a small village with majority muslim residence in suburban or Semarang
city. There are approximately 50 children and more than 50% of the children are
under 17 years old. The orphanage has their own kindergarten called “Benih Bagi
Bangsa” where all the children study and the kindergarten is also open for public. Since early age, the children are taught to care with others as well as independent by
cleaning and tidy up their own room and the orphanage e.g. folding clothes, washing
clothes, sweeping the floor, taking shower, etc. The kids are so lovely and they are so
excited everytime there are new volunteers coming in the orphanage. Project Aims :
 To assist the children to learn English, Self-hygiene, & creative learning
 To motivate the children to create their own future
 To support housework in the children's home
 To make the home and environment surrounding to be cleaner and more
 To exchange culture between children, local people, and local students

Main Work :
a)Physical work: Volunteers are expected to support housework such as sweeping
the floors, moping, and cooking for children. Beside those indoors physical activities, volunteers will also have outdoor activities with children, such as gardening, composting, cleaning the environment.

b)Non-physical work: English class, educational games, handicraft class, cultural
class etc. * Schedules can be adjusted or changed according to conditions and situations. Accommodation
 A room in the orphanage, might be shared with other
volunteer (if any)
 Shared Bathroom with Indonesian-style toilet
(squatting toilet) & sitting toilet.  No shower, use the bucket and dipper.  Wet toilet, using water instead of toilet paper
 Shared kitchen
Particpation fee :
3,000,000 IDR per month or equals to 195 USD
This Fee covers :
 Accommodation (Room, water, electricity,Wifi,Fridge,Fan)
 Project Material
 Mentoring and support from Peer Volunteer
 GREAT T-Shirt
 Emergency Response
 Management fee for GREAT (for the work camp preparation, project
sustainability & development, Camp Leaders’ Transportation and
Communication, Local Members Training and Workshop, Staff Salary)
Participation Fee does not cover :
 Meals and your Personal Expenses
 Health and Travel Insurance, Medical Care and Personal Medicine.  Communication and Internet
 Visa and visa extension fee