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LMTV 02 INDONESIA - Animal & Culture 01/01/2024 31/12/2024

Star Paws Stray Cat Project

Background :
Some people just ignore the existence of stray cats in their neighborhood or even
see stray cats as pests. They live in the traditional market, housing area, and also the
streets. Often, we find kittens being dumped inside a box on the street and in the
traditional markets. People just don't want to be bothered by the newborn kitten
and think that dumping the kittens in the traditional market will solve the problem.
In fact, almost all kittens die instead of surviving. It is not different from slowly killing
them. Project Aims :
This project focuses on two main activities. Raising awareness
of local people against animal abuse, spreading the message
to start doing good things for stray animals around us. Supporting the cat lover community by helping them to
maintain the shelter, street feeding, and fundraising. By joining this project, volunteers will also learn how to pet a
cat properly and have a chance to practice Indonesian
Traditional Martial Arts. Main Works :
 Street Feeding in Universities, Traditional
Market, and other places.  Maintaining the cat shelter
 Taking care the rescued cats
 Learning and practicing the basic needs of
petting a cat
 Learning how to groom a cat
 Learning the diseases and first aid rescue
 Recycling the plastic bottles and cardboard
and sell them as fund-raising for the cat

 Learning Indonesian Culture
 International Class / Culture exchange with university students
Accommodation :
 2
floor of the Star Paws Building
 Shared room with the staffs
 Shared bathroom and toilet
 Shared kitchen & fridge
 Wifi available
 Close to the ATM, food stall, and
 Laundry shop available nearby
Particpation fee :
3,000,000 IDR per month or equals to 195 USD
This Fee covers :
 Accommodation (Room, water, electricity,Wifi,Fridge,Fan)
 Project Material
 Mentoring and support from Peer Volunteer
 GREAT T-Shirt
 Emergency Response
 Management fee for GREAT (for the work camp preparation, project
sustainability & development, Camp Leaders’ Transportation and
Communication, Local Members Training and Workshop, Staff Salary)
Participation Fee does not cover :
 Meals and your Personal Expenses
 Health and Travel Insurance, Medical Care and Personal Medicine.  Communication and Internet
 Visa and visa extension fee