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Mulyo Asri Mangrove Project

Background :
Pekalongan Mangrove is a project targeting endangered villages or areas located on
coastal lines in Pekalongan. This project is a sustainable project organized by GREAT
in cooperation with local communities called Banawa Sekar to answer the needs of
preserving the coastal side of Pekalongan. Pekalongan City is one of the directed affected by global climate change among
many of islands in the world. The project is preserving natural diversity and sea
shore from erosion because of significantly mangrove cutting in the
70’s-80s along with strong waves from the ocean. Project Aims :
Preserving natural diversity and seashore from erosion because of lack of mangroves
and too strong waves from the ocean. Raising awareness of the importance of
mangrove conservation as one part of environment protection to the local children, teenagers, and people. To support the local initiatives of local fisher and farmer communities in protecting
the seashore by planting mangroves. And to increase the awareness of the other
local people and children to protect do sustainable action of environment protection,
in the coastal area of Pekalongan. Main works :
 Planting mangroves, harvesting mangroves seeds, seedling mangroves.  Sharing environmental education with local people and children
 Conducting school visits and universities for environmental education
 Supporting local events in Mulyorejo Village
 Supporting Banawa Sekar activities
 English class with Banawa Sekar member
 Exchange culture between local people and volunteers
 Learning about Batik (Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity)
 Learning how to make mangrove syrups, sweets, and batik coloring.

Accommodation :
 House of local people, located
nearby the mangrove park.  Private room
 Sharing Bathroom and Toilet
 Kitchen
 No Wifi

Particpation fee :
3,150,000 IDR per month or equals to 205 USD
This Fee covers :
 Accommodation (Room, water, electricity)
 Project Material
 Mentoring and support from Peer Volunteer
 GREAT T-Shirt
 Emergency Response
 Management fee for GREAT (for the work camp preparation, project
sustainability & development, Camp Leaders’ Transportation and
Communication, Local Members Training and Workshop, Staff Salary)
Participation Fee does not cover :
 Meals and your Personal Expenses
 Health and Travel Insurance, Medical Care and Personal Medicine.  Communication and Internet
 Visa and visa extension fee