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0088 SUDAFRICA SoshanguvePretoria... AGRI,EDU,SOCI 07/10/2024 21/10/2024

SAVWA Sustainable Permaculture Gardening | 0088 | 2024-10-07 - 2024-10-21 | AGRI,EDU,SOCI | Age: 18 - 99

South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association

Work: The South Africa Volunteer Work Camp Association (SAVWA) Sustainable Permaculture Gardening Project is a community lead innovative to encourage young people to promote low environmental impact living and eco-friendly practices. The emphasis is on the development of and to practice self-sustaining environmental awareness for climate change and sustainable living. We have seen the impact we have had on the environment and what better ways to be able to live sustainably A transformative week volunteer work camp and training event in Soshanguve, Gauteng. Focused on food security and empowering youth, women, and vulnerable populations, we merge Permaculture, Peace-building, social cohesion, and participatory methods. Over the weeks, participants will cultivate a 23m x 8m garden which provides food for children from our community center. This project provides essential skills in sustainable agriculture, imparting knowledge on growing food and understanding climate change challenges. By fostering empathy, unity, and self-sufficiency, we aspire to create lasting change and promote a brighter, more sustainable future for all involved.

Accomodation and food: Accommodation will be in a house and venue of activities in Soshanguve. Participants will be required to bring their own sleeping bags. and this isa a shared spaces for the volunteers. The accommodation has a simple bathroom with shower and there is running water. The accommodation and workplace have flushing toilets and do have electricity.

Location: SoshanguvePretoria

Location and Leisure: Open minded, ready to interact with other people of different cultural background - Positive attitude - Willing to share his/her experiences - Flexible to live/stay in simple living conditions - Flexible to eat local food - No experience needed at all The Weekend is meant to be for free tours that the group can organize by themselves at their own expense. All our work camps are reserved for cultural nights when each volunteer can present her/his country and culture Bring along a Sleeping bag, mosquito spray/lotion, sandals, shoes are advisable. Warm clothes at night, as it may turn out to be chilly; Torch or flash light and arts and cultural items.

Airport: JNB

Train/Bus station: Book your tickets to OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa Take the Gautrain from OR Tambo International Airport located upstairs of the Arrival Lounge to Pretoria station. Purchase a train card once you exit the airport to follow online on www.gautrain.co.za This is a world class train safe and reliable. You will change train at Marlboro station take train going towards Pretoria station on Platform A upstairs. Once at Pretoria station just wait for SAVWA official to pick you up. Please reserve a small amount of money for transport to the camp and vice-verse. We advise all volunteers to ask for advice from us when they are planning to book their ticket to Pretoria and let us know of their date of arrival and departure.

Requirements: The work camp participation fee is strictly Euro 260 and this covers simple accommodation, food and project expenses office running/administrative expenses, certificate of participation during the camp, communication prior to, during and after the camp. Please note that this does not include travel expenses to and from the camp, pick up from airport so participants are asked to reserve a small amount of money for transport to the camp and vice-verse. We advise all volunteers to ask for advice from us when they are planning to book their ticket to Pretoria.

Gautrain Pretoria Station

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 260 EUR