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WFMTV01 ISLANDIA OntheMove... ENVI,CULT,EDU 26/02/2024 24/05/2024

Work Camp Leader | WFMTV01 | 2024-02-26 - 2024-05-24 | ENVI,CULT,EDU | Age: 22 - 29

Worldwide Friends (WF), was founded in 2001 as a non-profit organization promoting nature and peace-oriented activities for volunteers wanting to spend some time in Iceland. Our main theme for this year is to give education about the 17 Sustainable Goals of the United Nations and to clean the whole coastline of Iceland. The main activities that we offer are workcamps, seminars, local events, and exchange programs suitable both for young people and adults.

Work: The workcamp leaders will work as a team under the supervision of the Project Manager of the organization. They will be involved in preparing, organizing, running, and evaluating Nature-oriented, Educational, and Environmental Protection Projects in Iceland. Tasks: coordinate the work, organize house schedule, and leisure activities, shop, supervise cooking sessions and plan excursions. Organize Workshops. Apart from these additional responsibilities, you will participate in general activities as a volunteer. In each group, there are two or three leaders from the organization. Projects are organized with international volunteers Main Project Activities: Beach Cleaning, Forestry, Agriculture, Creative Art, Recycle & Renovation. The main goal of this project is to improve the environmental education and consciousness of the project’s participants. Please note that this project is a learning/exchange project where everyone is expected to contribute their own knowledge and experience and not a standard work camp.

Accomodation and food: During the workcamps the leaders will share a double and quadruple room in a house fully equipped. Beds are provided, however, volunteers should bring their own warm sleeping bags. Food is provided and everyone is expected to do their fair share of the cooking and cleaning. We provide a well-balanced and healthy variety of food products that includes a wide variety of whole grains, seasonal fruits & vegetables, pantry staples, dairy products, and vegetarian/vegan options.

Location: OntheMove

Location and Leisure: Weekends are free. Try to plan activities with the volunteers. Usually, the excursions take place during the weekends. Excursions include unique Icelandic sights, such as waterfalls, volcanic and geothermal areas, glaciers, lava forests, hot springs, rhyolite mountain ranges, steam vents, or even icebergs. The area around the house is also great for hiking. Plan ahead, share your travel plans, stay on the trail, properly dispose of waste, leave areas as you found them, and do not approach or feed wildlife. Don t go for high and steep mountains without a professional guide.

Airport: KEF

Train/Bus station: BSÍ Bus Terminal

We will communicate via WhatsApp, there s free Wi-Fi on the bus and at the terminal. If you arrive at BSI after 19:00 hrs., we won’t be able to pick you up. In this case, you can book a hotel for your stay or take a taxi to our Accommodation.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

Working hours; 5 to 7 hours per day of environmental work during the weekdays. With lunch and coffee breaks. Note: working hours may vary depending on the workcamps and the organization's needs. 2 days off per week. Make sure to bring warm working clothes that you don't mind getting dirty Further support from the organization: Provides Accommodation: Yes Food is provided: Yes Local travels: You will have the opportunity to travel all around Iceland free of charge with the scheduled minibus trips organized by WF Iceland. Please note that travels during your free time are not paid for. Int. travels: Not paid Insurance: Not provided. You need Medical Insurance for your stay in Iceland.