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Concordia UK - International Leaders Programme | CONCUKSTV05-23 | 2024-07-07 - 2024-08-31 | ENVI,EDU,MANU | Age: 18 - 65

Concordia is a charity based in Brighton, UK. Our mission is to support people to develop skills and gain experiences so that they can thrive. We run programmes that change lives and nurture global citizens who care about each other, their local communities and the world. We are part of a global community – we work with partners and people from all over the world. All our projects are impactful - whether they are just up the road from us or on the other side of the world. We do this by working with local communities delivering programmes that respond to local needs. Concordia was founded in 1943 to recruit volunteer labour to encourage peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the Second World War. Since then, Concordia has supported around three-quarters of a million people to undertake incredible programmes that support local communities all over the world.

Work: As well as sending volunteers in the UK all over the world to take part in volunteer projects, we host international volunteers and UK volunteers on our national programme. Our UK projects allow both teens and adults to explore the UK whilst making a difference. Each project is created in close partnership with charitable organisations who s first priority, like ours, is to improve the lives of others. YOU WILL GET TO CHOOSE A PROJECT YOU COORDINATE - YOU CAN COORDINATE MORE THAN ONE PROJECT. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO MORE THAN ONE PROJECT YOU WILL HAVE TO ACCOMMODATE YOURSELF UNTIL THE SECOND PROJECT BEGINS. The types of projects you may be a leader on are: • Supporting children’s play schemes and summer camps • Helping to run festivals • Working with adults and/or children with learning difficulties • Carrying out environmental work in local parks and nature reserves • Working at a animal sanctuary • Supporting educational community farms • Caring for the elderly As a UK Coordinator, you will immerse yourself into the project and ensure the international volunteers joining the project will have a rewarding project. ROLE OBJECTIVES On most of our UK projects we need one or two experienced group coordinators to represent Concordia and help the project run smoothly. The coordinators act as a link between the host organisation, the international volunteers and Concordia. The Coordinators work alongside the volunteers and help the group to organise their day to day living and free time. They also manage a budget for food and social activities, to make sure the everyone gets their fair share of work and fun. Most projects involve volunteers aged 18+, however coordinators could also lead groups of international volunteers aged 16-17 (teen projects). • Ensure their safety • Coordinate volunteering programme (with host) and leisure activities with the group • Report any safeguarding concerns • Support and run sessions, give feedback and create positive environments for young people Coordinators are not responsible for the initial planning and organisation of the project as this is the responsibility of the host organisation prior to the project start. DUTIES OF THE ROLE To be part of an exciting programme that has tangible results for the young people involved. This role is demanding and fast-paced but highly rewarding. Main duties: • You will need to lead, inspire, and support a team of international volunteers • Ensure programme content is delivered and understood by the group, acting as a facilitator for your team’s volunteering project • Lead by example and get involved in leisure and volunteering activities, keeping the team motivated at all times

Accomodation and food: All projects vary in accommodation depending on which project you choose to coordinate. These will vary from University Accommodation to camping. All international leaders will receive all meals free throughout the duration of the project. If you do more than one project, you will only receive food while on a Concordia project.

Location: VariousLocationsThisisdependantontheprojectyouchoose

Location and Leisure: The location will vary dependant on the types of project that you choose to do, Concordia can give you more information once you have chosen a project.

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Extra Fee: 0

WHAT DO INTERNATIONAL LEADERS GAIN FROM THIS ROLE: • Improve leadership and organisational skills • Improve youth work skills on projects with volunteers under 18 years old • Experience different cultures • Get valuable experience in the local and UK volunteering sector and a reference from Concordia • Get more opportunities for training and volunteering with Concordia in the UK and abroad • Fulfil course criteria for relevant disciplines (for example, youth work, intercultural/international studies/organisational studies and more) • Improve CV and future employability ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: All volunteers will get access to our Staff Skills Training database for continuous development training throughout their time with Concordia. If you choose to apply for this for this international leaders programme, Concordia will invite you to an interview and you will have training with Concordia. How to Apply: Apply through PLATO for an application pack or email max.bateman@concordia.org.uk