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FAGAD MLTV8 KPELE TOGO kpeleadetaFAGADregiondesplateauxTogo... SOCI 10/03/2023 31/12/2025

Health (community health) | FAGAD MLTV8 KPELE | 2023-03-10 - 2025-12-31 | SOCI | Age: 18 - 70

Our partners in this project are the management committee of the medical center, the local sections of Kplélé and the village development committees

Work: Theme: Health (community health) The objective is to allow volunteers in the domain of health to participate in the care of people who are ill in social – medical centers of the Kpélé Prefecture. It is also an opportunity to come and reinforce their capacity in the structures of Togolese health. Here our role is that of an intermediary and has as an objective to facilitate primary care for populations who are not cared for. A way for FAGAD to bring quality primary health care to rural populations. Work to be done: Provide consultation services for patients; Help nurses to better treat ill people ; Undertake guard duties ; Accompany and advise ill people ; Sensitize the population in terms of hygiene and cleanliness NB: For this project the volunteers will be placed in the structures selected in partnership with FAGAD. The sites will be found in accordance with demands.. Period: open all the year round. What the volunteer can bring: Office supplies and equipment for the center, medicines, gangs, thermometers, apparatus for measuring blood pressure, scales…. Cultural Activities: Percussion (Djembé) and dance around the fire; Day with a family; a day of immersion in the life of an African family organized around the following themes: animism, the election of the village chief, traditional marriage, or a day in the field.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will be accommodated in the home of FAGAD. There is electricity and water. The toilet and shower are a bit modern. in the bedroom there are beds and mattresses. The internet is possible if people pay the credits. The food is both Togolese and European. All is done together by volunteers. They are often helped by young people from villages

Location: kpeleadetaFAGADregiondesplateauxTogo

Location and Leisure: Location: Kpélé-Adéta is a town of some 15 000 inhabitants. It is the principal settlement of the Kpélé Préfecture and the headquarters of FAGAD are based there. It is situated on the cross roads Kpalimé – Atakpamé , Notsé – Danyi. There is a post office, and police commissariat and a medical – social center.T he nearest hospital is the American Baptiste hospital, 4 kms from Adeta. Leisure Cultural activities : Percussion (Djembé) and dance around the fire Day with a family; a day of immersion in the life of an African family organized around the following themes: animism, the election of the village chief, traditional marriage, or a day in the field. Close by touristic attractions : - Fuentes Farm circuit ( Adeta…. Monasteries of DanyiDzogbegan and Fuentes Farm together with the American Hospital at Tsiko ) ; -Kloto circuit ( Mount Kloto whence it is possible to glimpse Lake Volta in Ghana,Kamalo falls, artisanal center of Kpalimé, Kpalimé market ) ; -Agou and Womé circuit ( Summit of Mount Agoué – 986 m; Womé falls, Kpalimé market ) ; -Kpelé circuit (KpéléKonda falls or Dzanipé with its beautiful waterfalls, Tsaviè altar of rest ) ; -Touto – to circuit ( FIATOE site, communal forests for 4 villages and Agbomé Puelh house ). OTHER POSSIBILITIES : Also the possibility of discovering the North of Togo ( the large towns such as Atakpamé, Sokodé and Kara, the Aledjo fault ( the road passes through a cutting in an enormous rock ), Tamberma country, Niamtougou falls…) and the Nangbeto Barrage with the hippopotamus lake, the elephants at Tchandé

Airport: LFW

Train/Bus station: we pick up at aeroport

Requirements: For these projects, the participation of 390 euros is monthly. To have the total of the participation costs you will multiply the 390 Euros by the number of months that you will do. hope to see soon motivated and fexible volunteers .NB: if you are not from partener association or from organisation member of CCIVS, you ll pay 170 euros more for registration fees and solidarity funds. Criminal record for individual without coming from partner association

at the entrance to the airport or contact us for directions and instructions

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Extra Fee: 390 EUR

You can also spend one to two months on this project. it is according to your availability. The participation fee is 390 euros per month Kpélé Adéta is on the national road N ° 5 and it is at 150 km of lomé the capital of Togo. It is distant from the town of kpalimé of 28 km.