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CYA2337 CAMBOYA ... ENVI 14/01/2024 26/01/2024

Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community (TFC) | CYA2337 | 2024-01-14 - 2024-01-26 | ENVI | Age: 18 - 80

Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community (TFC) is a community based organization aims at preserve and protect mangrove forest to maintain ecology system and increase lives in the sea such as crap, fish, shrimp, etc. so that fishermen can stay and earn income in their community without migrate to other countries. CYA have been working with TFC since 2012 to support their initiative and through our cooperation in 2014, TFC became a popular eco - tourism site receiving hundreds of tourists every weeks. TFC is a successful project because of the strong support of our volunteers and as usual volunteers are still in needs to work hand in hand with local people in supporting its growth and to make sure local people will keep TFC cleans and more mangroves are plants and nursing.

Work: Organize workshops with local people to promote the understanding of mangroves forest to people lives and collect mangrove seeds, seedling, and planting mangroves in TFC protected area while maintaining the planted mangroves.

Accomodation and food: Volunteer will stay together in share bungalows at community center that CYA rents. Volunteers will cook your own food while daily cooking team will be established in the beginning of the project. Food will be local dishes.


Location and Leisure: There are plenty of tourist attraction sites such as Teuk Chhou, Bokor national park, Rabit island, and more. . that you can explore during your free day. CLC is on open space in the remote area so beside your free day touring you can also have fun by interacting with local people, teenagers and children during your free time by organizing different activities so bring your flexibility and creativity.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 220 USD