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ARG-1 ARGENTINA EscobarprovinciadebuenosairesArgentina... EDU,KIDS,SPOR 27/02/2023 12/12/2025

Paulo Freire Community Center | ARG-1 | 2023-02-27 - 2025-12-12 | EDU,KIDS,SPOR | Age: 18 - 35

The center is a space oriented towards social inclusion and the expansion of rights through access to training, knowledge and technology. It offers initiatives, workshops and courses that promote job training, skills training and technology transfer to the population in the most socioeconomically vulnerable situations. It has an area of 277 square meters, with a multipurpose room, four classrooms, a coordination area, a storeroom, a kitchen, toilets for children and educators, and a covered and semi-covered gallery. Several types of activities are carried out in the center: 1. Socio-educational accompaniment: 150 children/100 families are accompanied in the development of activities that promote education, such as tutoring and school support for children. We also generate recreational and sports activities to generate feelings of community among them. In addition, close socioemotional support is provided to the families of these children. 2. Professional training: Courses in electricity, database administration, management of school canteens and gastronomy are carried out with 15 families of the neighborhood, jointly with 70 minors who were deprived of their freedom. 3. Community Vegetable Garden: Together with the Municipality of Escobar, they support the development of the neighborhood s participatory vegetable garden through different activities that promote food security and care for the environment. 4. Community Mentors: Accompanying a group of adolescents who participate more actively in activities related to the participation and promotion of children s rights in the neighborhood.

Work: The activities planned to be carried out are: - Preparation of spaces for school support. - Search for materials needed for workshops and activities. - Design of activities to promote youth participation - Carrying out playful and pedagogical activities with children. - Design of activities related to the management of the community garden.

Accomodation and food: The accommodation for the project is intended to be in a space in which community bonds can be generated among volunteers, while at the same time promoting autonomy and independence, always hand in hand with the accompaniment of the Foundation. Seeking, in the first place, to comply with the objectives of the volunteer program, oriented towards the empowerment of soft and socioemotional skills of the volunteers. The Foundation provides them with money to be used for food.

Location: EscobarprovinciadebuenosairesArgentina

Airport: AEP

Requirements: Necessary sensitivity for community work. It is a learning space. - Basic Spanish level - Initiative to propose independent activities - Sensitivity to social and economic problems - Flexibility to adapt to the structure and way - Teamwork - Creative character and motivation - Interest in youth and children development

It will be coordinated directly with the volunteer

Language: esp

Extra Fee: 390 EUR