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LMTV 04 INDONESIA West Java ENVI 12/06/2023 31/12/2023

Bening Saguling - Citarum River Conservation Project | LMTV 04 | 2023- 01- 01 - 2023- 12- 31 | ENVI | Age: 18-99 

Citarum is the longest river in West Java runs over 300 kilometres from the Wayang Mountain to the Java Sea. There are 30 million people rely on the water source for agriculture, water supply,fishery, industry, sewerage, electricity, etc. However, unregulated factory growth since the area’s rapid industrialisation in the 1980s has choked the Citarum with both human and industrial waste. The 5 million people who lived in the river basin are directly affected. Over 200 textile factories line the river banks and contaminate the river with lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxins, changing its colour and lending the area an acrid odour. Moreover, the river is also polluted and filed with trash such plastic, styrofoam, even dead animals.

Project Aims :  To support the foundation program in environment conservation, social and education  To promote the foundation as a learning center for environment conservation  To organize mini library for local people  To raise awareness about the garbage problem in Citarum river  To organize environment education for children in Citarum Basin Area.

Work: There are two activities: Physical Work (Picking up garbage from Citarum river and saguling basin, doing garbage management, planting trees, making organic fertilizer, gardening, and making handy craft) and Non-physical Work (Conducting language class, mentoring green school project, taking part in culture class, doing school visits, organizing an environment educational workshop or socialization, creating art activities and promoting mini-library) 

Accommodation ; House of local people.  Sleeping bag needed.  Shared Bathroom with Indonesian-style toilet (squatting toilet) & sitting toilet.  No shower, use the bucket and dipper.  Wet toilet, using water instead of toilet paper.

Location: West Java

Duration: one month (it's possible to extend the stay)

Extra fee : 3,000,000 IDR per month or equals to 195 USD

This Fee covers :  Accommodation (Room, water, electricity,Wifi,Fridge,Fan)  Project Material  Mentoring and support from Peer Volunteer  GREAT T-Shirt  Emergency Response  Management fee for GREAT (for the work camp preparation, project sustainability & development, Camp Leaders’ Transportation and Communication, Local Members Training and Workshop, Staff Salary) Participation Fee does not cover :  Meals and your Personal Expenses  Health and Travel Insurance, Medical Care and Personal Medicine.  Communication and Internet  Visa and visa extension fee