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LMTV 03 INDONESIA Kaur Regency, Bengkulu EDU 12/06/2023 31/12/2023

 SMAN 10 Pentagon Bengkulu | LMTV 03 | 2023-01-01 - 2023- 12-31 | EDU | Age: 18-99

SMAN 10 Pentagon Kaur is a public high school located in Kaur Regency, Bengkulu. It was built to provide a high quality education services, particularly to young generation of Kaur, as well as to reduce inequalities in terms of’ education under the initiative of Kaur local heroes, Hermen Malik and M. Daud Abdullah. However, the school is also open to those who strive for an excellent education from any regions in Indonesia. The school provides extracurricular in science such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, renewable energy and robotics. Bringing the concept of boarding school integrated with public formal school, SMAN 10 Pentagon Kaur continually builds and develops its reputation through various activities. It is because the founding fathers have been highly aware towards the Kaur Regency development through inclusive education to successfully face contemporary tight global competitiveness in almost every life aspects. Project Aims : SMAN 10 Pentagon Kaur needs support from international volunteers to achieve aims: To expand the knowledge and skills required in digital and global era. To develop and spread the worn ethics and positive characters through cultural exchange.

Work: To introduce creative learning through creative methods e.g. seminar, focus group discussion, games, etc. To participate in school events e.g. summer camp, seminar, commemoration of national day, etc To mingle with locals in order to learn local culture and spread peace through living together in harmony and tolerance in diversity. Volunteer can plan his/her own schedule together with the school but basically: Volunteer works every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Around 25-40 hours/week. Particularly during 07.00-14.00 WIB (Western Indonesian Time). Sometimes the volunteer is needed to support the school events during the national days.

Accommodation : Volunteer will stay in the boarding house (shared / private room, conditional) provided by the SMAN 10 Pentagon Kaur. There’s no air conditioner, but a fan will be provided. Please noted that Indonesian food is rather spicy than food of other country, so it is better for you to prepare 'light” food for yourself if you think you cannot stand strong taste. Usually people who cook the foods are notfamiliar with English, so you need to learn Indonesian.

Location:  Kaur Regency, Bengkulu

Duration: one month (it's possible to extend the stay)