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DALAA-WC66012 TAILANDIA Trang AGRI/KIDS 15/12/2023 28/12/2023

KOH SUKORN WORKCAMP DALAA-WC66012 2023-12-15 – 2023-12-28 AGRI/KIDS  AGE: 18-99

Koh Sukorn is a preserved island of Andaman sea inSouthThailand. During this work camp, we will have a chancetojoinhands with the community members to preserve thelocalagriculture while we can learn about their way of living. Moreover, we will be creating activities and games with children andyoungpeople to open their views and let them learn about internationalculture together with the volunteers. We will need your creativityand ideas of games and activities that will create a multi-culturalatmosphere for them. This year they want to build a small, compactlearning center in the activity area to give space to kids todoactivities together.

Aims of the project  To support the initiatives of local agricultural activities  To fully and wisely utilize local resources  To be part of the communities  To let children be familiar with volunteers and learn ininternational/multi-cultural atmosphere.

Work: Working in the rice fields  Growing edible vegetables in the local host’s planting area Making compost, taking care of paddy field or makingbio- fertilizer  Creating games and activities for kids. There will be around20-30 of kindergarten’s age and primary’s  Learning and integrating in the fisherman's lifestyle.

Food & Accommodation: Volunteers will stay at the local people house. You will needtobring sleeping bag, a small mattress, and a mosquitonet foryourself. The living condition is very simple than you wouldthink. You may find it completely different from in your country. Thereare basic toilets and showers and a kitchen where volunteerswillcook by themselves. They can take turn in daily tasks. Theingredients can be purchased at local grocery stores. It maybehelpful if you bring some instant ingredients fromhome, sothat youcan share some of your traditional food with other volunteers. (Nooven, only a gas and woks or pans). As mentioned that thisisaMuslim village, so there will beno pork used in cooking.

Location: Koh Sukorn, Trang, Thailand.

Requirements The volunteers should be ready to stay in a remote area, toadapt tothe local conditions with only basic facilities. Not many local peopleare able to speak English. Volunteers should be able tohandlespontaneous working environment and constant changes intheplans. The mentality and way of thinking is very different fromthewestern world. There will have activities with the children. Tohaveresponsibility for you, the kids, and full involvement in community 31matters is necessary. For the 2 weeks, you will be led byaDaLaamember/staff who will help to coordinate the project.

Language: Eng

Extra fee: 9,500 THB