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KTM-03 NEPAL Katmandu EDU/AGRO 16/08/2023 30/08/2023

Kathmandu Internationalꟾ KTM-03ꟾ 2023-08-16 – 2023-08-30 ꟾ EDU/AGROꟾAGE: 18-99

Summary The goal is to provide the local population with access to organic agriculture Background There are big issues concerning the use of chemical products in agriculture, such as Pesticides. These kinds of chemicals affect public health. The goal is to provide the local population with an alternative way of sustaining themselves while involving the Whole family in the work and providing healthier food options.

Work: - Nursery to grow plants and crops - Teaching the local population how to plant and grow healthy vegetation - We will be providing different kinds of seeds, which can be shared with other families as well to provide a means of sustenance.

Accommodation: Simple accommodations with a local family. Volunteers will enjoy three traditional meals a day, mostly the Nepalese traditional Dhal Bhat and Tarkari, and take turns in Cooking and doing chores. Showers are available with cold water.

Leisure: Kathmandu, also known as the City of Temples, is home to many UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites.

Location The work camp is 13 km away from the Kathmandu airport ad 7 km away from the Thamel area (city central district), in a small village.

Requirements: Souvenirs for children from your home country, seasonal clothing, sleeping bag, camping sleeping pad, work gloves, trekking shoes, mosquito net, mosquito repellant, music, reading material, pictures of your home country. Positive attitude, respect and an open mind are all that is required.

Airport pick : 1. We will pick up our volunteers from the Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu according to the arrival information. ( please kindly let us know your flight detail in time we will manage your travelling arrangement in Nepal) 2. The person who don’t need pick up from the airport they can directly come to the Hotel Hanna Thamel by using airport prepaid taxi or orientation time. How to Travel : All the volunteers will travelling together with our camp leaders so please kindly arrive in Kathmandu one day before the project start if he or she come late they both have to manage their travelling to the project FFN staff will only help you to catch right transportation. Extra activities : If anyone like to explore Nepal before and after the project we will also help you to find good company for your traveling arrangement in Nepal upon your request but it is not compulsory Living arrangement: we will recommend you to stay at hotel Hanna in Thamel and they will charge 10 euro for the single room if anyone like to stay more luxurious hotel also available upon their budget they can also chose best place but they need to come at meeting time

Language: English

Extra fee: 275 EUR