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DMN-06 NEPAL Daman CONS/PHY 06/09/2023 19/09/2023

Daman Internationalꟾ DMN-06ꟾ 2023-09-06 – 2023-09-19 ꟾ CONS/PHYIꟾAGE: 18-99


The Daman project is one of our newest projects and we have only been operating here since 2012. Daman is quite isolated and most people are farmers, living a traditional life, as they have done for generations. However, times are changing and the community has a severe lack of funds to keep up with the rapid changes that Nepal is undergoing. Knowledge of other cultures and the ability to speak English are vital skills for young Nepalese people. Many look forward to a future in the tourism business, and therefore the ability to communicate effectively with foreigners will increase their chances of having a better life once they leave the village. We also believe that our volunteers benefit a lot from staying in Daman. Living in a completely different culture with local hosts and adjusting to their conditions is an unforgettable experience. Teaching locals to think in new and different ways is their benefit, learning from their unique way of life is yours. Our main aim is therefore to make life easier and more enjoyable particularly for the youth in Daman by giving them better prospects for the future through improving the facilities and the teaching at the local high school, where volunteers will mainly built up sport facilities. Moreover, volunteers will help with the construction of a community house. It is meant to provide space for events, like marriages and community meetings. But the space can be used in a variety of ways.

Accommodation: Simple accommodation in a local family. This is great way to gain an insight view into the Nepalese culture and enjoy the friendliness of the people here. Volunteers will have three traditional meals a day, mostly the Nepalese national dish Dhal Bhat and take part in the cooking process and all chores. It is also possible to bring own food. A camping pad and sleeping bag are required. Showers with cold water are available in your place.

Location: Daman

How to Travel : All the volunteers will travelling together with our camp leaders so please kindly arrive in Kathmandu one day early before the project start and you also have a better chance to exploring in Kathmandu before the meeting time. Extra activities : If anyone like to explore Nepal before and after the project we will also help you to find good company for your traveling arrangement in Nepal upon your request but it is not compulsory Living arrangement: we will recommend you to stay at hotel Hanna in Thamel and they will charge 10 euro for the single room if anyone like to stay more luxurious hotel also available upon their budget they can also chose best place but they need to come at meeting time Note : Arriving date, time and flight number should be given to us at least one week before your arrival, because we have to manage the hotel and transportation in time.

Language: English

Extra fee: 275 EUR