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UK-IVS-MTV-A REINO UNIDO Aberdeen, Scotland SOCI 01/08/2023 31/12/2023

Camphill School Aberdeen
in Great Britain, hosted by IVS GB

Theme: Disabilities
Location Aberdeen, Scotland
Duration: 12 months - recruiting now onwards.
Application: Specific application form required (available

through IVS).
4 entry points each year (January, April, August
and October)

Vacancies 10
# Project: English
# Local: English

Project Description:
We provide residential, day care and respite accommodation to approximately 88 children and young adults (12 to 25 years old) with a wide variety of special needs. Care, education, therapy and creative activities are integrated. Relationships and social interaction, based on mutual care and respect, promote health development and resilience along with physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our children and young adults belong to a house community. Each house community varies in size and accommodates approximately 5/10 children/young adults and 10/12 senior co-workers and volunteers.

Work: Your major responsibility at all times is to the child/young adult in your care, whether in the classroom or the house. The task is to care for and to educate each child/young adult to the fullest extent possible. As a new co-worker you will be helped by more experienced colleagues to learn how to establish a successful relationship with the child/young adult, how to gauge what expectations to have for the individual, and how to develop each person’s potential to the fullest extent possible, so that maximum independence and self-reliance are achieved. Think of it this way: you are setting out on a personal learning experience while helping the person in your care to themselves embark on a similar voyage of discovery. Their needs are paramount at all times.

Requirements: We would like someone interested in social issues, willing to learn, flexible ’can do attitude’ and be able to communicate in English.

Food: All food is provided

Accommodation: We provide living accommodation and full board. Volunteers will have their own bedroom but all other accommodation is shared.

Pocket money: 200 GBP per month
Insurance: Outside the Common Travel Area (CTA): As part of your Tier 5 visa you’ll also need to pay a health surcharge if you’re staying for more than 6
months, usually GBP400.
Fees: None
Visa: If you are from outside the CTA you will need to pay for your Tier 5 visa
- GBP244. IVS will apply for this for you if you are successful at interview.
Others: Interviews will be via the telephone or skype.