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LS-04 KIRGUISTÁN Ak-Suu ENV 28/07/2023 10/08/2023

AK-SUU NURSERY FOREST ꟾ LS-04 ꟾ 2023-07-28 – 2023-08-10 ꟾ ENVI ꟾ AGE 17-99


The Ak-Suu Nursery Forest was founded in 1949 and is situated in Ak-Suu Village, 15 km from Karakol. It is unique because it is the only organization of its kind in Kyrgyzstan. Ak-Su Nursery Forest covers 1529 hectares of the landscape. Each year they plant trees, care for young seedlings, and protect the soil. One of the main goals of the nursery is the cultivation of non-native crops. There are 120 kinds of bushes and trees, 111 of which are non-native, 33 kinds of birches, and several kinds of pine, acacia, and maple in the territory of the nursery. An arboretum was also founded there, where rare and unique plants growing in the territory of Kyrgyzstan and beyond the borders of the country are collected. All studies and work at the nursery are under observation from the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, work is underway on the acclimatization of beech, common eastern hemlock, and European hornbeam trees. Project goals: Maintain nursery by caring for young trees (watering, weeding, trimming, etc)

Work: During this 2-week camp, volunteers will take care of young trees (seedlings), water, weed, and trim the area of the nursery.

Lessiure: Weekend Excursion: On the weekend volunteers will have an opportunity to visit Karakol town and see its sightseeing. Another option would be to hike up to the nearby Altyn Arashan health resort where you can enjoy natural hot springs. For more information about the above locations and Kyrgyzstan please visit www.welcome.kg or www.Karakol.kg .

Location: The camp will be held in Ak-Suu (Teploklyuchenka on Google Maps) is situated 20 minutes from Karakol – the Issyk-Kul Oblast center. Ak-Su region is one of the region’s oldest districts, full of hot springs for health and leisure. Surrounded by mountains, this location is very picturesque.


Accommodation and food: Basic cabins with shared rooms with beds. Volunteers should bring their sleeping bags. Volunteers will bathe in bathhouses 2 times per week at a former Soviet resort in Ak-Suu. Food: Cooking will be done by volunteers in the kitchen with all necessary utilities provided. Group: Mixed, composed of international volunteers and 1 camp leader, and local volunteers.

Requirements: Participants will manage the working hours and free time activities with the local camp leaders. Decisions will be made through group discussion. Note: We welcome all volunteers who are enthusiastic, creative, and motivated to work with orphan children. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted during the camp or at the accommodation venues. Smoking is not allowed while volunteers are with children. Insurance: volunteers should come with their health and accident insurance. Bring: A more detailed packing list will be sent after applying, a basic list includes: own medicine, backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, raingear, warm clothes, comfortable shoes for hiking, a swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent (much of the time will be spent on the lakeshore), a torch/flashlight, your national recipes, music, songs, games, energy, and a good mood!

Meeting point: Office of Leadership, Karakol, 138 Lenin St. (crossroad: Koenkozova St).

Language: English

Extra Fee: 180 EUR