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SI-SCI 13.1 ESLOVENIA village of Livek Art / Social / Sport 30/07/2023 07/08/2023

No Man's Land

Camp code:

SI-SCI 13.1



Start Date:

30 Jul 2023

End Date:

07 Aug 2023


13: Community life

Work Types:

Art / Social / Sport

Number of volunteers:


International age:

16 - 60

National age:

16 - 60

Required Language:


Description: We're non-profit sport's association Soldat from Slovenia that is organizing downhill skating events in this part of the world. Downhill skateboarding, or longboarding, is considered a dangerous sport that is usually practiced on open roads. That's why these kinds of events are invaluable to any downhill skater, as we do the road closure and secure it with hay bales in order to secure it for the riders.

Type of Work: General tasks that you might be doing: Sweeping the track (before/during/after), using radio equipment (important to be alert during and between the runs), notifying Goal/Start person in case of accident, any irregularity, rider's jam, dangerous and uncontrolled pack riding, preparing the track before the start of each day (sweeping up, stacking up the haybales), collecting the garbage after each day.

Each morning after breakfast the volunteers or course marshals will be bussed to their respective positions along the 3 km road.

Volunteers are expected to help secure the track with hay bales. This takes a physically demanding job that can last up to 2 days. And storing one day.

We're flexible in terms of days and type of work. It depends on your availability, skills and your fitness.

Accommodation: We will be camping in a village of Livek, which is near Soca river, and near the town of Kobarid. The camp contains all the usual camping facilities. Please note that camping gear is not provided.

Language: Good command of English language is required. The project takes place in Slovenia but the language is not required.

Requirements: We expect from our volunteers punctuality, reliability, and serious approach to work. Course marshaling bears its responsibilities and any crash or injury has to be reported immediately.

Approximate Location: The volunteers will get to know a beautiful region of Slovenia that is surrounded by wild nature, scenic mountains, and endless forest. A small picturesque town of Tolmin is a one of the main tourist attraction in Slovenia, blessed by stunning emerald river Soca and high Alpine peaks.

EXTRA FEE: 50 Euros