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VT2301 HONG KONG Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Social/ Environment/ Agricultural 23/08/2023 28/08/2023

VT2301 - Community and Sustainable Life in Hong Kong

Workcamp Date: 23 August 2023 (Wed) – 28 August 2023 (Mon) (5D4N)
Location: Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Type: Social/ Environment/ Agricultural

Language: English
Minimum Age : 18
Needed: 10 Male and 10 Female
Extra Fee: EUR 0

Project Objective
During the project, participants will be able to experience the life of local farmer and fisherman in Hong
Kong, explore local communities with mission challenge, experience, and develop empathy towards the
local community needs and culture

Local Partner/Experience of the camp
- Mission Challenge: Explore the sustainable city with the Goodmates mobile application
- “DO GOOD” mico-volunteer: Make a positive impact and contribute to society with Mini action
- Ethnic explore in Tsim Sha Tsui: Explore Hong Kong's history from the perspective of ethnic minorities
- Traditional Industry of Victoria City: Visit to traditional Hong Kong’s industries
- Poverty Experience in Sham Shui Po: Walk through the poverty region to reflect about poverty issue
- AuLaw Organic Farm: Iconic farm in Hong Kong that grow organic products
- Aquaponics Farm Ping Che: Build the ”Aquaponics System” (Fish-Vegetable Symbiosis)
- Cultural sharing session: To share the unique culture of your country with public in Hong Kong
Enquiry: Mr. David Au (app@voltra.org/ +852 2383 5900)
*Remarks: Participants would be assigned into groups and visit part of the site above

2.1 Project Background
This project is organized by VolTra. The project objective is to create a collaborative learning environment
where participants can gain valuable insights into sustainable living while fostering a sense of community
and social responsibility.
2.2 Aims
a. Interaction between overseas campers and Hong Kong people
b. Develop empathy towards the local community needs and culture
c. Engage potential local workcamp site partners to collaborate
d. Explore local communities with mission challenge
2.3 Work
a. Understanding more sustainable living in Hong Kong by empathy tour
b. Explore Hong Kong community through mission challenge
c. Join the “DO GOOD” volunteer platform to be volunteers anytime and anywhere
d. Organize a cultural day with local people

Tentative Schedule

Morning Afternoon Night

Day 1
(23 Aug, Wed)

Arrival Day
(Arrive HK < 12:00)

Orientation and welcome
(Meeting time 15:00)

Night event
@ Lamma Island

Day 2
(24 Aug, Thur)

Fishermen workshop
@ Lamma Island

Arrival and Registration Orientation Session

Day 3
(25 Aug, Fri)

Empathy Tour Empathy Tour (Cont)
(Lunch included)

Sharing Session +
Cultural night prepares

Day 4
(26 Aug, Sat)

Mission Challenge
(DO GOOD + city explore)

Mission Challenge
(DO GOOD + city explore)

Mission Challenge
(DO GOOD + city explore)

Day 5
(27 Aug, Sun)

Prepare for
Cultural Sharing

Cultural Sharing (Free Time)

Day 6
(28 Aug, Mon)

Debriefing Session and

Departure Day
(Flight after 17:00)


REMARK: *The schedule is tentative and subject to changes.

**All workcampers are required to arrive at the workcamp site in the morning of first day (24 August 2023)
and to stay until the afternoon of last day (28 August 2023).
3.1 Accommodation: Silvermine Bay Camp
The Jockey Club Silver Mine Bay Campsite is located in Mui Wo, Lantau Island, adjacent to the beautiful
Silver Mine Bay Beach and surrounded by numerous natural attractions such as the Silver Mine Cave, Silver
Mine Waterfall, Hong Kong Olympic Trail, and Tai Dong Shan.

It offers a comfortable and unique environment for campers to relax and refresh their minds, promoting
personal well-being. The campsite not only provides training programs for schools and community
organizations, but also offers innovative and diverse activities to provide campers with an exceptional
camping experience.
4. Local Partner/Experience of the camp
(Tentative and subject to the availability of the site)
(Remarks: Participants would be assigned into groups and visit part of the site below)
4.1 Mission Challenge on Goodmates
The Goodmates App is a social media platform developed by VolTra that aims to connect people from
different countries and backgrounds through innovative and interactive tasks.
With over 5,000 users from around the world, Goodmates encourages users to explore cultural and
knowledge areas, while making friends and building relationships with like-minded people.

In this camp, we will explore the community of Hong Kong through the Goodmates mission , and support
the mico-volunteer actions on the “DO GOOD” volunteer platform. The “DO GOOD” platform offers a easy
and fun volunteer opportunities through an online platform.

It allows people to complete volunteer services anytime, anywhere, and according to their own
preferences, even without leaving home. By participating in this program, individuals can make a positive
impact and contribute to society.

4.2 Tsim Sha Tsui Ethnic Exploration

In this walking tour, we will explore Hong Kong's history from the perspective of ethnic minorities,
examining how society has benefited from their diverse cultures and how we can protect this valuable
aspect of Hong Kong's identity.

In the tour, we will visit:
- Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre - Join a guide and explore the mosque to learn about the
introduction of Islam
- Sam's Tailor - Visit one of Hong Kong's premier tailoring shops with a reputation that extends beyond the
- Chungking Mansions - Discover the past and present of this legendary building, known as a "mini United
- Taste various specialties and drinks from different countries - Experience the warm hospitality of ethnic
- The Society for Community Organization - Meet with genuine refugees and hear their stories, from
Vietnamese boat people to asylum seekers in Hong Kong.
4.3 Poverty Experience in Sham Shui Po

Introduction of Sham Shui Po
Sham Shui Po is a district of simple pleasures. As a historically blue-collar neighbourhood, this area just
north of Boundary Street offers a lot of cheap but cheerful experiences that can’t be found anywhere else
in the city. Sham Shui Po is always labelled as “poverty region” in many people’s awareness.

Tour Arrangement
During the tour, students would be guided to walk through the poverty region of Sham Shui Po around Pei
Ho Street, Nam Cheong Street Sitting-out Area and Tung Chau Street.
In the tour, students would be able to experience the life of scavengers by trying to pick “valuable” items on
the street and redeem as pocket money. And students would be able to use that ‘pocket money’ to
discover the possibilities of buying a lunch in the Pei Ho Street Market.

In the tour, the tour guide will get along with the students to experience the life of grass-root people in
Hong Kong, and discuss about the housing policies and pricing issues in Hong Kong.

4.4 Traditional Industry of Victoria City

Hong Kong is best known as a centre for big business, but scattered among its gleaming corporate towers it
is possible to find small, independent companies that specialise in traditional trades. These companies are
closely linked to Hong Kong’s history, and are woven into the city’s cultural fabric. They’re part of what
gives Hong Kong its unique aesthetic and atmosphere.
Times are changing, though. Many of these businesses have no succession plans and anticipate closure. As
these heritage disappear, Hong Kong edges ever closer to becoming another generic global city.

Tour Arrangement
In this walk, we will visit a number of these disappearing trades, the last masters of some of Hong Kong’s
home-grown industries. With the end in sight for many, we go out to hear their stories and learn about
their ways of life, before they are lost for ever.
⚫ Tin Bo House – Paper offering industry and its Guinness World Record
⚫ Hand Crafted Stamp – The traditional craft on the $100 paper money, how does hand craft stamp
industry is turning into a sunset industry?
⚫ Letterpress Printing – Who would be in their right mind to continue this?

4.5 AuLaw Organic Farm

AuLaw Organic Farm is located in Tai Kong Po Village in Kam Tin, Yuen Long. The well-established farm
produces a huge variety of crops, ranging from corn to Chinese cabbage and okra, with many customers
attracted to its healthy produce.
The name of the farm is inspired by the European Union's “Euro” currency, which has a similar pronunciation
in Chinese and a philosophy of “collective force and the spirit of a united people”. Farmers there believe that

“when a group of producers or professionals share the same ideals about their work, the strength of such
solidarity is bound to succeed.”
(Reference: http://www.yuwing.com/)

4.5 Aquaponics Farm Ping Che

“Aquaponics Farm Ping Che” is located in the native village of Ping Che. The farm is mainly operating in the
mode of Environmental friendly and Sustainable “Aquaponics System” (Fish-Vegetable Symbiosis).
The farmer in this farm believe that the Aquaponics System is relatively low in cost and easy to manage for
old farmers in Ping Che. They hope to promote the principle of Aquaponics System in order to facilitate the
“Community Economy Development” in Ping Che and encourage the long term “Urban-rural Symbiosis”
(Reference: https://aquaponicspingche.com/)

4.6 Location: Lamma Fisherfolk Village

Unique project site located in the Yung Shue Wan fishing area on Lamma Island in Hong Kong. The village is
built on fishing rafts and covers an area of approximately 40,000 square feet.

It introduces the traditional culture and development history of Hong Kong's indigenous fishermen. The
site displays the daily life of fishermen in the past through pictures and tools, while projects vividly
describe the scenes and traditional work of fishermen on the sea.

Excursion Spots (during Free time)

⚫ Victoria Harbor: Hong Kong Top Attraction from where you can enjoy views of harbour and

⚫ Victoria Peak: Stand on the high mountain to enjoy spectacular views of Hong Kong's iconic skyline.
⚫ Man Mo Temple: Taoism & a short lesson on the rituals of a Chinese temple

⚫ M+ Museum: Hong Kong's global museum of visual culture. Discover collections from different places
⚫ Hong Kong Palace Museum: Explore the traditional Chinese artefacts from the national Palace
⚫ West Kowloon Cultural District: A new vibrant cultural quarter located on a dramatic harbourfront

Expense: The accommodation, local event and cultural programme is covered during the whole workcamp
period. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be provided (except the free time or outside the campsite).
Workcampers are responsible for all transportation costs (e.g. flight, domestic transport, etc.) to and from
the workcamp site and all personal expenses (e.g. drinks, snacks, phone call fee, etc.). Please prepare
adequate Hong Kong Dollar in cash beforehand.
Insurance: Volunteers are advised to buy your own travel insurance before your departure.
Accommodation: The volunteer accommodation is located at the Lantau Island . The room is shared with
other participants. Please remember to lock up your valuables. Everybody has their own bed, blanket and
pillow. Please remember to bring more mosquito repellent.
Internet: Internet connection is not available in the center. Wi-Fi cards can be bought at convenience store.
Weather: For summer project, it is the hottest and wettest period in Hong Kong. The average temperature
ranges from 28°C to 31°C. The average humidity is around 80%. Typhoon and thunderstorm are sometimes
frequent. Be prepared.