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NICE-23S-0613A SRI LANKA HigurakgodaSriLanka... ENVI,AGRI 13/06/2023 22/06/2023

Higurakgoda 4 | NICE-23S-0613A | 2023-06-13 - 2023-06-22 | ENVI,AGRI | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGs 15 (Life on Land), organized together with Green Volunteers for Green Future (GV4GF) since 2012 (since 2017 with this community). Project area is a based on paddy farming. There are two paddy farming seasons in here and when there are no paddy fields works, most of farmers are working as unskilled labors. Project area is belonging to dry zone so they experienced the harshness of the life. Very few people were moving to outside of the village and others are stay around the village. Partner organization has been working since 2002 in a various sector. Working with volunteers will make a kind of positive changes on their lives and way of their thinking, we expected. After covid pandemic community are trying to reestablish their agricultural work and other livelihoods. Not only pandemic, economic collapse also very badly hit every sector in Sri Lanka. To provide a support to community life we are going to establish a plant nursery. Every sector is trying to reestablish their own work but they need external assistances to continue their work. While visiting community, volunteers can experience real life of Sri Lanka and experience the nature of the local life. Community is aware on life on developed countries and their lifestyle, that they cannot experienced in their local lives.

Work: Basically our projects consists with two parts. First four days we are working at the one place that is our main work, establish a nursery. Clean the land, mix the soil and composts, making bags, fill soil, plant the seeds, watering are among the work that is for both income generation and protecting the bees, the other insects and the whole forests (25% of trees will be cinnamon). Second four days, we are moving around the village to meet community and meet a family, youth/children society members and watch their activities, women’s/farmers groups, visit village school etc. (Cultural exchange with villagers including youths, Activities with children and work and assist to self-help group member’s activities).

Accomodation and food: Village house with a host family near the nice paddy fields. Meals will be provided, but you need to help preparation and washing dishes. Sleeping bag is necessary. There is electricity and mobile phones are working, but no WiFi. You can’t use toilet papers here and have to wash your clothes by hand. In the night, you can see lots of bright stars.

Location: HigurakgodaSriLanka

Location and Leisure: Higurakgoda. 256km from Colombo, suburb of Polonnaruwa, the second ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka and declared as a world heritage site. Many people depend on paddy farming and it is low population density area for Sri Lanka (122 people/ km2).

Airport: RML

Train/Bus station: Colombo - Volunteers need to arrive at Katunayake Bandaranayake International Airport by the end of Jun. 12 and can leave there after 20:00 of Jun. 22. 9 hours by bus to the site. You will meet at the bus station in the morning on the first day.

Requirements: High motivation to work while experiencing different type of life style, accept challenges, adopt to local environment, respect and accept local life and culture.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 225 USD

- Study theme Local SDGs (2030 goals) of the community and Sri Lanka - Other activities Organizing cultural exchange events, Excursion, Environmental Education, Expeditions, Farewell party, etc. - Participation fee 225/ 185 USD for 10/ 6 days to be paid on your arrivals. 20 USD less for repeaters of GV4GF workcamps and vols. from less expensive countries. There is optional service of 45 USD to pick up at the airport and one night stay in the guest house.