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NICE-23L-MG04 JAPÓN MogamiTowninYamagataPrefecture... AGRI 08/04/2023 10/03/2024

Mogami | NICE-23L-MG04 | 2023-04-08 - 2024-03-10 | AGRI | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGS11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), organized together with Mogami no Shoen (MS) since 2021. Accepting farmers deepen their understanding of agriculture and rural areas through "farming experience" and accept volunteers to overcome the challenges of a declining population due to a falling birthrate and an ageing population. The aim is also to create various connections and exchanges between urban and rural areas through the experience of rural life and the dissemination of information from farming and mountain village areas. The representative of MS has been farming in a snowy spring village for 40 years. He has been living on a variety of crops, "rice", "vegetables", "wild vegetables", "kikurage mushrooms" and forests, with a focus on "cage free eggs". He is working energetically to do something about the depopulation of the area, and is planned 10 projects for five to seven days in 2022. The volunteers are expected to revitalize the area.

Work: 1) Helping to maintain the fields, grow kikurage and herbs, etc. 2) Taking care for chickens in free-range farms (watering, feeding, picking up eggs, etc.)

Accomodation and food: The house where the representative s grandparents used to live has been renovated and is being used as a accommodation for volunteers. Self cooking with a focus on locally grown produce and cage free eggs.

Location: MogamiTowninYamagataPrefecture

Location and Leisure: Mogami Town in Yamagata Prefecture is a town of abundant rivers and springs. The Mitsuzawa district, located to the south of the town, is a nature-rich area surrounded by abundant spring water and forests and blessed with fresh, cool air. There are some hot springs in this town.

Airport: NRT

Train/Bus station: The nearest airport is Tokyo (NRT or HND) from which it takes 4-5 hours by bullet train and local train or 9 hours by night bus and local train to the meeting point in Yamagata pref. Volunteers need to join On Arrival and Evaluation Seminars in Yokohama, so firstly should arrive at Tokyo airport by 08:00 on the starting day and can leave Tokyo airport after 18:00 on the ending day.

Requirements: Motivation letter is needed! Volunteers need to have some Japanese speaking skill (manage to have basic daily conversation), high motivation to learn and speak Japanese language, respect to the local culture and way of the local organization, being positive and cheerful about everything and interested in working in the rural areas.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 12000 JPY

- Study theme Volunteers will get knowledge about revitalization of the region, life in rural villages, cage free poultry. - Other activities It's up to COVID-19, but there's community interaction, doburoku making(unrefined sake), rice cake pounding! Hot spring, etc. - Participation fee 12,000 JPY (90 USD by the rate on 2022 Dec. 23rd) per month till the 3rd month and 6,000 JPY per month from the 4th month of "NICE Volunteers" fee need to be paid in advance either by Card or PayPal. This is used for the project preparation/ coordination such as the transportation of the camp leaders while the meals and the accommodation are provided by the local host by free.