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HUJ4 ARMENIA YEREVAN... RENO,ENVI 02/08/2023 15/08/2023

HOPESHINE | HUJ4 | 2023-08-02 - 2023-08-15 | RENO,ENVI | Age: 18 - 99

Voluntary Service of Armenia-Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades (HUJ) was founded in 1965 and is registered as a non-governmental organization. HUJ is a member of the Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) at UNESCO and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service organizations.HUJ organizes volunteer exchanges with partner organizations abroad and holds a database of 3000 volunteers registered in HUJ as of today.The main activities run by HUJ are for and with volunteers, mainly the young people. The regular activities of organization include exchange of volunteers with different organizations, opening international work camps in Armenia, preparation and sending volunteers to different trainings, seminars and work camps abroad, as well as ESC, Weltwaerts and IJFD projects.The essential aims of the organization are to raise the social competences and employability of the youth by organizing activities for national and foreign volunteers in various programs in Armenia (workcamps, training courses, medium and long-term projects) as well as facilitating the participation of local and national volunteers in similar projects abroad; to take care of orphans, children with special needs and socially indigent people by proposing activities to and for them and making them more visible for local, national and international communities.

Work: The aim of this work camp is the renovation of classrooms in the school and maintenance of the territory.

Accomodation and food: Do not worry about sleeping bags, as you will stay in hostels/buildings/cottages of the hosting organizations where you will be provided with beds/mattresses and bedding packs.In Armenian camps you should be disciplined and organized. Making beds and keeping the rooms neat and clean every day is obligatory.Volunteers will prepare the food by themselves. You will taste all kinds of Armenian traditional food, such as dolma, khorovats (barbecue), kiabab, khashlama, incomparable fruits of Ararat Valley - apricots, grapes, peaches, apples, berries etc. and vegetables.

Location: YEREVAN

Location and Leisure: Yerevan Special School N 14The camp will be opened for the 8th time and is already a popular and traditional one. The special school for visually impaired children was established in 1939 in Yerevan. This school is the only one in Armenia where the education is organized using the Braille system. Most of the children stay in the school during the school year and return home only for holidays. The school gives children secondary and specialized education. In 2014 - 2020 volunteers renovated classrooms and showers.Armenia is called an open-air museum. You will have lots of interesting excursions and visits to historical monuments and museums, which will be organized during the work camp. The excursions to the following sights will be organized upon the decision of the camp and all the visits will be free. The proposed list of the excursions is the following: Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, Zvartnots Cathedral ruins, Garni Pagan Temple, Geghard Monastery Complex with a program of World Heritage Initiative, Lake Sevan (with a barbecue on the beach). Volunteers will visit Matenadaran-storehouse of ancient manuscripts, Historical Museum of Armenia or National Gallery of Armenia, museum of famous film director S. Parajanov, Vernissage-Armenian big souvenirs market under the open sky.Different games, Armenian dancing and language lessons will be organized in the workcamps.Leisure time for joint workcamps are individual.

Airport: EVN

Train/Bus station: Yerevan

Requirements: It is very important to bring with you different board games, songbooks, and children s songs to work with children and for using in the performances/concerts which will be organized on the last day of the work camp.During the workcamp volunteers will organize the Intercultural days when each volunteer will present his/her country, so please bring photos and booklets describing your country, recipes of national dishes, products and spices and national songs. You can bring your musical instruments, CDs with your favorite national songs and music and, of course, your high spirit and creativity.

Armenian volunteers of your camp will meet you at the airport in case your arrival time is between 8:00-24:00 and will take you to the camp. If your arrival time is after midnight, you will have to look for a bus to the center of Yerevan or take a taxi to the work camp. After sending your application and being accepted to the work camp, you will soon receive an email from your camp leader, please reply promptly.

Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 0

For volunteers from organizations without bilateral exchange with HUJ: 100euro