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ANEC15 FRANCIA Joeuf54240... ENVI,MANU 29/07/2023 12/08/2023

In shape for the 2024 Olympics ! | ANEC15 | 2023-07-29 - 2023-08-12 | ENVI,MANU | Age: 14 - 16

Notice to young people who love sport: This year, Joeuf has decided to wear the colors of the Olympic Games! Because Joeuf is a city that loves sport! This is where Michel Platini comes from, one of the players who marked the history of international football. The city also has numerous sports facilities, in which professional basketball players and boxers train in particular. The city of Joeuf has been welcoming international volunteers every summer for many years. The philosophy of the project is to create a link between the inhabitants of Joeuf and young people from all over the world. By choosing this project, you will therefore have the chance to meet other international volunteers, with whom you will be accommodated, but also young inhabitants of Joeuf, who will join you during the day for the works and the exits.

Work: On the occasion of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, the city offers to participate in a 100% sport project! In the mornings, you will participate in the work which is simple: build several symbols of the Olympic Games (the 5 rings) in wood and paint them to decorate the city. With the remaining wood, it will also be necessary to create giant letters and numbers, to install a "Joeuf 2024" on the heights of the city. A great opportunity to learn the basics of woodworking and have fun painting! In the afternoons, you can participate in activities around sport: Olympics, the discovery of disabled sports or E-sports, meeting high-level athletes, hikes and sports games, etc. ...

Accomodation and food: To stay within the theme, you will be accommodated, with the other international volunteers, inside a sports hall. You will sleep in the dojo (the judo room) with super comfortable mattresses! Don t forget to take a sleeping bag with you. Toilets, showers and a large room with a kitchen are just next door. You will also have access to the gymnasium to play football or basketball, to a ping-pong room and to a room with a video projector for movie nights! All aspects of collective life (shopping, meal preparation, cleaning) will be managed between you volunteers, on the basis of a functioning that you will have decided in a common way (ex: use of planning, constitution of pairs,... ). You will be helped in this task by a community life facilitator. The goal: for each volunteer to be an actor in their stay with respect for others and community life.

Location: Joeuf54240

Location and Leisure: Joeuf is a wonderful old industrial city! It is located in lush greenery: you can also walk in a green setting and practice many outdoor and sports activities! Come and take advantage of the contacts with the associations and active people of the place: they will make you discover many heritage and historical sites such as the site of Verdun (First World War), the mines of Neufchef (the region has a strong past mining and steel industry) or the city of Metz. 30 minutes from Joeuf, Metz is known for its Gothic cathedral, its medieval quarter, and its summer rich in cultural activities. Many activities and outings will be planned for the afternoons, but you can also make other proposals if you wish.

Airport: ETZ

Train/Bus station: Metz train station (zip code 57000)

Requirements: There is a possibility to access Wi-Fi connection in the premises. Unfortunately, the accommodation and work sites are not accessible for wheelchairs. Every morning 7 youngsters from the city will join you and help with the workcamp. Globally on our teenager workcamps, we chose to book half of the spots for French volunteers. The aim is to allow a maximum of young people to access intercultural learning, to promote volunteer s commitment as a first step and then experience an international workcamp abroad. EXTRA FEES: reduced to 250€ for international volunteers. Pay attention! Our national participants in France pay the regular 360€ of extra fees. International volunteers coming from our partners in other countries than France pay only 250€ of extra fees.

Joeuf trainstation (zip code 54240), the 29/07/2023 at 5:00 PM

Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 250 EUR