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SJ/TEEN17 FRANCIA BeaumotteAubertans... RENO,ENVI 08/07/2023 22/07/2023

House of Solidarity 1 | SJ/TEEN17 | 2023-07-08 - 2023-07-22 | RENO,ENVI | Age: 15 - 17

If you want to live an experience of collective life, learn to cooperate, and discover other ways of living or other views on the world, then come to the Centre de Beaumotte, an association based around popular and non-formal education. Here in the countryside, you will share your daily life with youth from around the whole world and with different socioeconomic backgrounds. In our house we like to make our differences a treasure!

Work: The Centre de Beaumotte is a place of living that welcomes every year people from all around the world. It is a space of learning and experiments where everyone is invited to leave an imprint of their passage. During this workcamp, you will participate in different activities around the house for around 4h each morning. You will learn carpentry techniques to build small wooden furniture, paint rooms or take part in the permaculture garden. You will participate in the daily life tasks, like cooking and cleaning as well.

Accomodation and food: You will be accommodated in big collective tents in the garden which we will put up. You will sleep in bunk beds and will be separated by gender. Bring a warm sleeping bag and a pillow! You will have access to the bathrooms and showers of the house. There is a professional kitchen where you will cook in turn every day, guided by the coordinators. Here at Beaumotte, we eat meat twice a week and fish once. It is not a problem to eat vegetarian or vegan if you wish to do so.

Location: BeaumotteAubertans

Location and Leisure: The “Association du Centre de Beaumotte” is situated in the village Beaumotte-Aubertans (70190), Rue du Saussoir 1, in the region “Haute-Saône” around 30 minutes from Besançon. Leisure activities: The afternoons and the weekends will be dedicated to group activities which you will initiate and plan together with the animators. Visiting Besançon, discovering the surroundings either on foot or by bike, group sports and games of all kinds are not-to-be-missed activities.

Airport: CDG

Train/Bus station: train station of Besançon TGV

Requirements: There is no technical or linguistic requirement. The campleaders will always be there to translate, so that everyone can understand and participate, and they will guide your group in living great experiences!

The first day we will wait for you between 4 and 6 pm at the train station of Besançon TGV. If you arrive by plane in Paris, you would need to make it to the train station of Besançon TGV yourself. A meeting point will be given at the Besançon TGV station (25870). The departure on the last day will be around 10 am.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 200 EUR